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    This guy was probably the best the contractor could get for the kind of money he can afford to pay somebody given the downward pressure X puts on settlements and rates. There is a whole lot more of these types of incidents coming X's way so they had better get their spin machine running at peak performance.
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    "safety is our first priority" - oh man, that one just never gets old!!! :lol::thumbup:
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    Ha, ha! More yule tide unwanted publicity. 'Ya get what you pay for huh Fred?!
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    We had a local guy fail a drug test, leave and get hired at Express 3 months later.
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    Why do you defend the scam every time? Just curious. Honest answer please. Take the blinders off!! It's ok to think for yourself.
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    How do you read that as defense of anything? Just an anecdote about the quality of drivers at both opcos not being very different.
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    Thanks you
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    As a matter of fact, he's a great driver. I'd say it's 50/50 a 22 year old is going to be clean on a random.
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    The two of you are a cute couple.
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    Considering my drug using past, I agree. I probably could teach him a lot.
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    I knew your brain was fried!
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    19 years hangin' with Bill W.
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    That's right, this results in everyone reaching their destination safely. This guy got there safe, cause he was in the back of a squad car headed to jail. Wonder how many misdeliveries he made before he got to the point he couldn't even drive ? Or how many big pieces of vomit left on someone's package
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    Well it could happen to anyone in any profession, but did you catch the fact that this was obviously a Ground driver but the entire time the anchor was talking it was a FedEx Express logo next to him. Other then Tennessee everyone else on the planet sees Ground as it truly is...FedEx Inc.
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    Ergo I now refer to that opco as Fedex Dirt.
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