Clinton, Not Bush, Real Father of Social Security Private Accounts

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    taken from the book, "The Pact:Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, And The Rivalary That Defined A Generation" by Steve Gillon, Professor of History University of Oklahoma and History Channel resident historian.

    A fancinating read concerning modern American political history that IMO crushes much of the illusion of political divide based on idealogical prinicples. Washington is about being in position to "deal make" more than anything else.

    Even though 6 months old, it becomes a bit timely again as much of the Clinton machine via the DLC and the Progressive Policy Institute are again finding a home in the corridors of power via the Obama adminstration. Not suggesting this aspect of SS is coming back in vogue but rather this illusion of right verses left or left verses right may not be as extreme as we tend to believe it is or rather twisted in the wind by certain political operators to make us "THINK" that is the way it is.

    May also be interesting to watch as this DLC/PPI loaded incoming adminstration starts having to do battle not with republicans but rather the Pelosi, Frank, Kennedy wing of the democrat party. The majority may be in name only but not in idealology.

    Even the LA Times reported 2 years ago that so-called "Neo-Cons" are not all republican either.

    3 years ago, Hillary Clinton gave a speech to the DLC (often called Neo-Con lite) on the look of America in 2020'. Her picture of America 12 years from now as it relates to homeland security and our ability abroad to go after terrorism at any moment would give any hard hawk republican here reason to stand in Hillary's Amen corner shouting as loud as could be heard in support.

    That is now the new incoming President's, the one who spoke so often of change, his New Secretary of State. To my democrat loyalist friends here who so often expounded the ills of Bush's Neo-Conism. and to quote the infamous Ricky Ricardo, "LUCY!, YOU GOT SOME SPPLAINING TO DO!"

    As was Clinton and Gingrich then, so it is now, the so-called political difference between the 2 parties is just nothing but illusion! Washington is like a long running Broadway play that sees a huge casting change in the middle of it's run. But the title on the marque always reads the same.

    "Neo-Cons on Parade!"
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