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    Just a simple noob question.

    I'm looking at buying a small sports card collection from a guy. He lives too far to drive to visually inspect the cards. If he and I agreed upon a price and I had a reasonable list of what he has to sell....can I pay for it once the UPS driver arrives, inspect it and if it's not as described, refuse it and the package get's sent back to the guy and I don't have to pay for it (minus some sort of fee I'm sure)

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    Don't pretend like they're sports cards. We all know they are Pokemon cards.
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    Thanks, that's what I thought.
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    On a COD you can open the invoice and inspect what it says.

    I would think u could have him include an invoice of everything inside. Put it in a pouch on the outside.

    No way to inspect the physical cards though. I assume u don't trust that this guys knows 100% what he has.
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    Make sure you write on the box "deliver to basement" in case your mom can't sign for it.
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    No, you don't get to touch the package until you give the driver a check or MO whatever is required. The only thing you can inspect before you pay for the package is the outside of the box. After you pay you can do what ever you want as you own it at that point.
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    For $20 you can inspect it all you want.:cool:
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    If you had a really cool driver. He could say "this box looks a little smashed , maybe we should open it up and look"
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    $10 bucks if you are a good looking Chick!:devil3::devil3::devil3:
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    Then the OP refuses the package it get sent back to the shipper. Than the shipper says the box was opened and something is missing.

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    No sense of humor?.lol
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    UPS does not own the package so I am not authorized to let you have the package until you pay for it. You can examine the packing slip ONLY AND ONLY if it is in a pouch or envelope on the OUTSIDE of the box. Sorry
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    Bingo! Don't do it.
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    Get yourself a pair of X-RAY SPECS!!! Problem solved!!!

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    Really loathe explaining this to customers. Feels shady.

    Me: "Here's your package, if I could just get a signature."
    Them: "Hold the phone Chachi, the last one was busted to pieces, I need to check it first"
    Me: "Negative Ghostrider, you can't open it unless you accept the package."
    Them: "How can I accept it if I don't know if it's broken or not?"
    Me: "Corporate policy. No big deal. I can sheet you refused the package."
    Them: "Hold the phone, I need this. If only I could just look at it."
    Me: "No dice."
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    I would hope that you do a better job than this when explaining our policy to customers.
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    Customer: Last product was damaged can I look at it really fast?
    Me: Sure.
    Customer: *looking. Ok thank you.
    ​Me: Thank you.

    Didn't know it was a COD. COD's I would not allow them to open. A "regular" package I allow them to open.
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    I explain it a tad more eloquently. If I am in the wrong, feel free to let me know, but the way I was trained was that if a customer wants to open the package, they have to accept it. As a swing driver I try to do it by the book. Unless a OCS has trained me on the route, and has explained to me about certain customers, and different scenarios. Only having a year under my belt, I try to not make waves. While not always the best case scenario in terms of customer service, I have read enough stories on here to be weary. Stuff like said driver always signing for the customer, and leaving the packages at X spot, only to one day being hauled into the office for falsifying a sig, and the customer saying they never got it, or other similar situations.