Cold and Flu Season

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    This is not medical advice by any stretch but common advice from most doctors is getting good Vitamin C during cold and flu season. This is obviously an extreme case
    but it does suggest again in this one case that Vit. C has value.

    And don't forget Vitamin D either.
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    This is from Wikipedia:

    Routine vitamin C supplementation does not reduce the incidence of the common cold in the general population.[8][9] In one study vitamin C supplementation significantly reduced the frequency of the common cold but without apparent effect on the duration or severity (however the authors of this research pointed out that the findings should be interpreted with caution).[10] As early as 1984 researchers knew that supplementation of drinking water with vitamin C increased the average life span of mice by as much as 20 percent.[11]
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    I spent 3 years not getting a cold.....and was successful. The key is to hit stores early when no one is there......don't go to Walmart at 3 PM on a Saturday. Never....repeat, NEVER touch your nose, eyes, mouth with your fingers unless you've washed your hands. I even managed 2 trips to Vegas during that time and didn't get a cold.
    Stay away from coughing and sneezing people and that includes spouses......that's what guest bedrooms are for.