Collecting for supes working?...?

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    Just wondering...When a PT Supe is "busted" for doing hourly work and management "claims" they'll "pay for the time", how do WE measely people on "their" todem pole collect? Is it included with our weekly paychecks, seperate check, etc? Not sure what the etc. would stand for, but that's why I'm asking?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated...THANX!!! ~:->>>
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    You have to file a grievance and claim the supervisor worked so many minutes or hours. I believe if it's under 2 hours, you must file the minimum 2 hours. If it's over 2 hours file for the time worked. Someone can correct me on that though, offhand I may be mistaken.

    So get together with your union rep, get a grievance form and file. IF you dare. Being "on the radar" generally is not a good thing at UPS. Especially over a sup working grievance.

    If you are getting your garaunteed 3.5 or 8, I personally wouldn't fight that battle, but everyone's different.

    No manager I have ever met will simply pay you because a supervisor worked. Ain't 'gonna happen.
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    Do you have a personal experience that happened "being under the radar?" Just curious...

    And then about the 3.5 to 8 hours...In our building, OT is considered after 5 hours, with a 15 minute break.

    And FINALLY, our management has laid-off more than half our PTimers, kids that took UPS through peak(S) and have been there for at least 2 years, have their own families when they leave the "grunt work" behind and when there is a supe working because management can't seem to get past getting their bonus for saving $$$$, you don't think it would be worth standing up?

    Sleeve, I don't mean to come across as such a BEEACH, please click on this link..."UPS Survivor Guide"...& you'll understand why. ~:->>>
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    Yes, I was ridiculously fired a week and a half after filing and winning a grievance I won ( 4-5 years ago)

    The best thing to do is be creative in messing with them if the supervisors are working. It's not the sups fault for working of course but obviously he/she is the lightning rod so to speak.

    Maybe 2 years ago when a supervisor was sorting on our sort aisle for about 30-40 minutes...
    I went up to him and asked him "are you training someone", he responded "no"
    so I told him "ok good, then you can go sort the guy im sorting because he's too fast for me".
    He was a bit peeved and gave a mean face and a stale " just get back over there and sort". I told him I was going to leave the aisle to do union business so you may want to consider getting someone to cover me or stopping my unloader because packages are falling all over the place. He broke down and went over, and I moved into his place and sorted his unloader. :P

    Also on the topic of grievances and "when to", for sups working especially it does come down to how much the sup/they are working. If it's for 5 minutes, that is a poor grievance. In that situation to my knowledge, you're filing for 2 hours worth of paid time for a sup working for 5 minutes. It sounds like they are doing quite a bit of work and taking jobs away. This is something you might want to consider TALKING with your bosses about rather than just grieving out of the blue, diving into the deep end

    My original point was that if it doesn't affect you, don't let it affect you. There are battles such as non-payments, bid violations, etc etc that directly affect you and can cause disruptions in your life, etc. The supervisor working one generally isn't, IMO.