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    Can anybody explain me if UPS could pay for your tuition on college or university? I've heard they would but that it depends how much time you've been working for the company and if you're getting full time studies or something like that. Thanks.

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    I think it varies from facility to facility. The place I am at only offers tuition reimbursement for management. However, I believe the hub in Grand Rapids does or at least used to offer tution reinebursment for hourly workers as well.. I wouldn't be surprised if this was dropped for the hourlies though. If UPS is not willing to give us turkeys or actual pay stubs I cannot see them giving tuition reimbursement out.
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    Check for details that apply to all UPSers
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    Actual pay stubs?

    I have been paperless direct deposit for as long as they have offered the paperless option. I simply check my pay stub online Thursday morning. The only stub I really need is the last one of the year for tax purposes so I simply print that stub on upsers. All of the others I would shred as soon as I got home from work--what a waste of paper.
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    Select your state and this link will tell you if Earn and Learn is available at your location.

    A handful of schools have a program with UPS to offer free tuition.
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    Grand Rapids hub reimburses up to $1500/semester for tuition and now covers some of the cost for books as well.
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    July 17th will be my last class for my Associates Degree in business. I don't know how it is in other UPS facilities but in Philly UPS only gives tuition reimbursement to p/t employees and management. I, being a driver get nothing.

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    Go Yale! Our rowing team will crush Harvard this year!