Collision With Garbage Truck Kills UPS Driver

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    [​IMG] Collision With Garbage Truck Kills UPS Driver - Courant

    A United Parcel Service truck driver died Friday after a collision with a garbage truck on Route 89, police said.
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    At 11 years old, Paul Patino had sensitivity beyond his years, his mother
    and teacher recalled Wednesday.
    After learning in school about the high incidence of heart disease among
    adults, Paul vowed to become a heart surgeon, Jeannette Patino said.
    "He said there were too many people dying from heart attacks," she said.
    He also wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a pastor.
    Paul's father, also named Paul, serves as a youth minister at an Inglewood
    church, Patino said.
    But an accident related to Tuesday's freak rain storm took the Riverside
    boy's life and washed away his dreams. Paul and his father were traveling on
    Highway 62 in Joshua Tree when their car hit a pocket of water on the
    roadway, causing it to skid into the path of a pickup, officials reported.
    The pickup broadsided the Patinos' Acura, killing the boy. His father
    suffered massive head injuries and remained hospitalized Wednesday at Desert
    Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs. Jeannette Patino said her husband
    was in a coma.
    Patino said her husband works as an independent contractor for UPS and was
    making deliveries in the desert. Her son, wanting to spend time with his
    father, went along for the ride.
    Paul often wrote essays chronicling the business trips he took with his dad,
    said Valencia Stanley, a sixth-grade teacher at Rehoboth Charter Academy.
    Paul Patino recently graduated from the Riverside charter school and was the
    valedictorian. He was set to begin seventh grade at Gage Middle School
    "I told him on graduation day, `You are going to be something fabulous,
    something out of this world someday,' " Stanley said by phone as she fought
    back tears. "He was extraordinary, extremely gifted."
    He took on the responsibility of tutoring classmates who had difficulty with
    math, Paul's favorite subject.
    Patino and her family gathered at their home Wednesday, remembering little
    Paul and praying for his father's recovery.
    Jeannette Patino, who has three other children, broke down in tears as she
    gazed at a picture of Paul on his graduation day -- handsome in a black suit
    with his arms stuffed with so many awards that he could hardly hold them
    Paul's aunt, Jacqueline Estrada, recalled how excited her nephew was about
    her wedding, which had been set for Saturday.
    "I was supposed to get married this Saturday," Estrada said as she wiped
    tears from her eyes.
    "He wanted to be there," she said, adding, "He wanted to wear a white suit
    to my wedding."

    Published 8/28/2003