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    New to the site, been with ups for 3 1/2 years. There is driving positions open within the center, 3 to be exact. 3 were qualifying and one disqualified, so now a buddy of mine is the only person above me. But he was in a vehicle accident, which was his fault and is now on his record. It happened in November of last year. Will this stop him from going driving? Thanks guys.
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    And if he doesn't come clean and they find out, out the door he goes.
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    Why did you disagree with him asking a question?
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    Fat thumbs.
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    Do you mean "if i rat him out, will I take his spot"?
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    No. Considering HR has to pull his driving record lol. What good would that do me? It's a process, it'll eventually be uncovered.
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    It will be so great. You will have more seniority over him forever! Ha Ha, in your face buddy!

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