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    When displaying EDD on the DIAD, there are toggle keys to just show a.m. commit stops vs. whole route as well as one to toggle between commercial and residential stops.. but that one doesn’t do anything at our center. Does this key actually work in your center? Big problem I have when doing a route that I have not done in awhile (or ever) is knowing for sure which stops are commercial stops.. especially schools.

    Just wondering if this is vaporware or if it just hasn't been put in the system here in Anchorage yet.. we are just a bit over a year into PAS/EDD.

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    We have been on PAS/EDD for a couple of years now. When I download EDD, it has a Whole List that shows the route stop by stop with the 1030 and 1500 commit times for each stop to the left side. There is also the optional Commit List that just shows commit stops only. I have never seen an indication that told which stop is residential and which ones are commercial. So I have wondered how a Cover Driver or someone not familiar with the addresses would know what kind of stop it is with respect to commit times.
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    There should be an info key to that will tell you who the consignee is. If it doesn't give any information, then best to message your center and see if anyone knows if it's a house or business. Besides, the com/res key is to remove a time commit package from the commit screen. So if you have an addy in there that you know is a resi, and you don't want it at the top of your board all day long, hit the res/com key and it will put it where it belongs on your trace. But only if it's a saver. Don't know if that answers your question or not, but that's what it does over here in the Washington District.
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    Thanks! That does. I thought the key was for something else totally, but that is a helpful tip as well.
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    This tip was actually discussed in an earlier thread and I have used it ever since. It keeps your residential stops in trace.
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    UPS sets up dispatch so all commercial is delivered A.M. and residential in the P.M. with all stops and lunch and break done before the pickups start at about 2:30. Don't they?
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    Not really, I think they just go by loop area. Start here end up there. I have a golf course on my route that is loaded on the 7000 and sometimes 8000 shelf. I also have apartment building offices that are commercial, loaded on the same shelves. I usually try to pick these out of the load and deliver before lunch if able, though there are times that I have delivered these just before 1800. I must say though, the majority of my comm/bus are in the begining of my EDD data.
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    It will also toggle a resi NDA saver back to commercial if you accidently highlight and tag the wrong stop. You will have to search through the trace to find it though because once you tag it as a resi, it will go to it's normal place in EDD.

    I hope that made sense.
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    When PAS puts a stop in the Commit EDD it assumes it is commercial and enters the commercial commit time. If you know it is a residentia though you can hit the comm/resi to remove it from the list if you do not want a 20 minute reminder of it.
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    very funny u must be dreaming my business in in the end of 7000 section or 8000