Combo Jobs at two sort centers?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upslocal480, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. upslocal480

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    Anyone know if the new contract has anything in it about creating combo jobs at small centers like mine that only has a preload and reload shift? I know that in the current contract there is a rule saying that they dont have to combine two jobs that are more than 2 hours apart so that pretty much made it impossible but I was wondering if there was something in the new contract for it. I've double shifted before and I'm sure there are some people that wouldnt mind doing that full-time. It's not like at hubs where you can work twilight and then just stick around for midnight. Here you have to work 3:30am-8:am then come back that night to work reload at 5:45. They could easily use the customer counter jobs now that they are going to be union jobs but will they? Probably not!
  2. upshamilton

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    I work in a little center also they do preload-porter. However, were they they put combo jobs will be based on need.
  3. tieguy

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    companies choice where they create the jobs just as long as they create em.
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    We have about 10 combo jobs at the air operation they work the first half across town at the hub and then work the am shift at the airport. They had been getting paid drive time but recently lost that pay.
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    upshamilton in sharonville they have more combo jobs preload-porter, preload-air drivers and them some on twighlight.