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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by mrose5571, Feb 8, 2010.

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    I have been on a bid satellite route for the past 4 years, as no one else has wanted this route. My route is always the last one to go, and is usually open when it gets to me. This year a driver with 3 months seniority on me bid on this route. When he took over the route, he realized that he did not want to drive it and wanted to go back to being a cover driver, which would give me my route back. I am now back on it, after one week off of it. I am now hearing rumors that management is not going to let him come off of the route and that he has to stay on that route for a year. What is the policy on coming off of a bid route to become a cover driver. At first our center manager said that all he had to do was write a letter stating that he wanted off of bid route to become a cover driver. What can be done?
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    I would think that since this route is always the last one bid and all of the other drivers had a chance to bid and passed on it that it should not be a big deal if he went back to cover driving and you went back on your route. Perhaps the center manager is trying to send a message regarding the bidding process. I think in the end the driver will go back to cover driving and you will get your route back.
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    Letting you guys flip flop after the bid has ended isn't really kosher, but I've seen it happen in situations exactly like the one you describe. As long no other drivers have a problem with it, it's really up to your management team. If they want to follow the letter of the contract, then he stays on the route.
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    What he said!!
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    Extra-contractual agreement. He should NOT be allowed to change after the bid.
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    He should stay on the route he bid. If he wasn't sure he wanted it then he shouldn't have bid it. Nobody forced him to sign the sheet.
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    Our bids are more permanent here, so usually they would not mind if he wanted off. That said in your case though its only for a year, so...if they wanted to make a point about next year, here is their chance.
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    I agree with over! NO side deal agreements should be allowed. 5 years later some one will pull the bs you did it for him , how come not for me.It is what it is.