Commercial I liked


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Last night I caught a Bud Lite ad on TV that I thought was good. Two guys all dressed up with their dates and wondering how they got dragged to the opera. The one guy opens his coat to show his buddy he has several bottles of Bud Lite inside his coat. Just then, the opera diva hits a high note and all the bottles of beer crack and burst totally wetting this guy. Then the guy in the seat in front of him flashes a 'can' of that won't happen to you if you bring cans instead of bottles.
It was a cute commercial.


What the hell is YOUPS??
This one has been on for a while, but I still get a kick out of it. It's a Holiday Inn commercial where old highschool buddies of baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. run into him in a restaurant and the conversation goes like this:

Guy #1: "I was just saying to my crazy buddy the other day, 'What ever happened to that Cal Ripken?', so what line of work are you in?"
Cal: "Well I was a ballplayer for a while."
Guy #1: "Really? Well good for you.....where was this now? Jamaica?"
Guy #2: "No actually he's pretty famous....he's kinda in the Hall of Fame."


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I don't know which car this is an ad for, but I admire the smartness of the copy (wording).........

" When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?"

I like it. :)