Common power Problems

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    The various common power problems that UPS units are used to correct. Total loss of power utility, causes electrical products to stop working. Transients of under-voltage, causes flickering of lights. Low line voltage for an extended period of time, causes overheating in motors.Increased voltage for an extended period of time, causes light bulbs to fail.
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    That's good to know. I guess...
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    Here's another one Maria-

    A package car driven farther than the fuel capacity will run out 100% of the time.

    And I thought my life was boring!
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    This is SPAM, guys, its fixing to be gone. Wrong UPS, "She" is talking about an Uninterrupted Power Supply, like a backup battery system to turn off a computer when your power goes out. I remember in the earlier days of the internet, if you typed in "UPS", then you would get a surge protector-battery product, not our company. This one got through the SPAM filter, that account will be banned.