Common sense, summer heat and pets.

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by toonertoo, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Rant on. its that time of year again......So I am in one of those payday loan places doing my "job". There is a chiuaha,(spelled wrong) a little dog in a car. Its 84 degrees, I know this car has been here 20 minutes, coz for some reason I noticed it as I drove by the first time. So I profiled, and I know thats wrong, but there were like 10 mexicans in the place. Doesnt matter, I walked back in and asked who owned the car with the dog in it dying. Some pasty white faced woman said
    Her: "Oh Its mine, its Ok, I have the window cracked open"
    ME: No Its not Ok it is probably 110 in that car right now, sitting in the sun, and it is against the law"
    Her: I left him a glass of water.
    Me: Well here let me put this leather coat on you, throw you in the car, give you a glass of water, and see how well you do.
    The place went into an uproar of call the cops and do it!!

    Do not leave your dog, cat or children in the car. If you do, have air on, and check every five to ten minutes, just in case the vehicle quits. Or leave it at home. Because I will smash your window out to rescue the above, and not a darn thing will happen to me, Period.
    End of rant. Have a great day.
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    give em hell toonertoo
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    Hell yeah you go girl
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    I did. But not for any reason other than they were acting stupidly