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  1. what is going on...i would like to know the following
    #1.are we getting a raise and if so how much i have heard $.80-$2.00
    #2.will we have any better benifits
    #3.are we gonna get any bonus..i heard $3000 full timers..$1500 part timers
    #4 what are this supplements we got aggreed upon so far
    #5 what is a good site to get alot more info on this contract
    thx in advance
    "I am guaranteed 3 and 1/2 hrs."
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  3. that wasn't the answer i was looking for :angry:
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    Hmmmm...keep in mind this is hearsay, but after 3 contracts I think its pretty close to what we will end up with.

    #1. The low end, probably $.75-$.95 a year over the life of the contract.
    #2. UPS will contribute more money, but whether or not that translates into better benefits depends on what your local does it.
    #3. I doubt it. The teamsters are not particularly interested in a bonus, since the amount of dues we pay is based on our hourly wage.
    #4. Most, if not all, of the non-economic supplements have been settled.
    #5. Well, tnet is a massive rumor mill, enter at your peril.
  5. thx for the help..