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    Hello UPSers,

    I'm not sure if this is pertinent at all to this forum, but I figure I'd give it a shot. A week ago I ordered quite an expensive package from b&h photo. Today was the estimated shipping date, and it said it was delivered at 12:46 pm. Also, it said it was signed by "MOK" which I've never heard of. I didn't receive my sounds like the deliverer might have dropped it off at the wrong house and just gave it to that house's owner? I'm pretty concerned at this point because I really want that package! :ohmy:

    Thanks a lot for your time UPSers
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    Call the 1-800-pickups phone number and tell them your concerns. If you know your UPS driver, chase him down and ask him. You might also call the shipper to make sure that the correct address was on the box. Sorry you had that experience. Sometimes it is best to have packages delivered to where you work. The package will have been "tracked" so UPS will know where it is and, hopefully, you will have your package tomorrow. Sorry again for your trouble.
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    "MOK"? That's not even a last name (last name should be clarified with every signature). Perhaps it's an abreviation? You need to contact the shipper and ask them to contact UPS and run a trace. You can contact UPS 1-800-742-5877, Give your tracking number (on pkg. begins with 1z) and ask them to contact driver for information (while it's fresh on his mind). However, most operators will ask you to contact the shipper. Most all of our drivers do care about our customers. Sorry to hear about your problem. Good luck.
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    Thanks a bunch for the responses.
    I did just call and speak with a representative (surprised that there was live help at this hour), and he told me to check with my neighbors first. I will do that tomorrow for sure. He said if that doesn't work, the best thing to do is to (like you two said) call the shipper so they can start an investigation with UPS.

    Is there anything in the meantime I can do to solve this problem? Would it be a good idea to call the last point it was at according to the tracking service and ask for the driver?
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    UPS has internal processes in place to trace packages. The shipper needs to start the process and it will end up with the delivery driver, who will then go back to where the package was delivered and try to retrieve and redeliver the package to you.

    If he/she is unsuccessful, the shipper will be given a claim number and should reship your original order.