Conference call monday sept 18 2011

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    Conference call monday sept 19 2011

    Just received a letter from the international that there will be a conference call on monday for all stewards to talk about what the international is doing about , how UPS is treating us. Just like the call a couple a months ago this is all political with up coming elections for international officers. All of sudden the union is getting tough but when we needed them they were no were to be found. Supposingly the union has given management the ultimaten either back of on dispatch harrassment or they will begin a public campaign. What this would consist of only time would tell. We need strong leadership from the top down and Hoffa and his boys are not showing it. All members are welcome.The phone number is 877-229-8493 code 14111.There will be two calls,first call is 2000 hrs (eastern) and the second call 2000 (pacific). Any questions talk to your steward on Monday.
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    Re: Conference call monday sept 19 2011

    No one in my building will be off by then!
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    ​Same here.
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    Seriously? By 2000 I will have had dinner, a few adult beverages and will have settled down to watch MNF.

    If you miss the EST call and really want to participate then wait for the PST one.