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    Here is a rather sticky issue at hand. One time, I accidental brought my personal phone with me into the building. I was informed that if it happened again, the phone would be permanently confiscated. Where does UPS have the right to keep my phone?

    Years ago, I worked at Motorola through a temp agency and they tried to pull that stunt on me there. My solution was to call the police and file a theft charge against the person, not the company. Suffice to say, Motorola management did not keep my phone for long!

    Accidental bringing in personal property is just that. In my case, I left the phone in my jean pocket. Early in the morning, I jumped into the jeans and head off to work in haste. I never even knew the phone was on me until several hours into my shift.
  2. soberups

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    Nowhere in the contract does it say that the company is entitled to confiscate personal property. The correct way for the company to handle the situation would be to issue a warning letter for failing to follow policy.

    I would have remained there, on the clock and refusing to punch out until (a) they returned my phone or (b) I had racked up enough overtime sitting there to go ahead and buy myself a new one.
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    Here is a no win situation. Remember this, if say your at a larger facility like a hub that has a security guard and he confiscates your phone that's one thing. But never and I repeat never give your personal property to ups management. Say no and have them go through the proper Channels. If its a discipline thing make sure you have a steward with you. and make sure things are documented. if you just give management your phone they probably would ether throw it in the trash or sell it themselves (you just cant trust ups management)
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    Why didn't you just turn around and go put the phone back in to your car and then go start your shift?
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    There you go again Upstate.
    How many times have you been told not to offer sound, logical advice!
  6. trplnkl

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    In the OP, he said he was 2 hours into the shift.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    OK, so why not walk out to his car on his break?
  8. trplnkl

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    That's is what I would have done. One thing you can bet your sweet bippy on is that I would not hand it over to a sup or center manager.
  9. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    I would have done the same. But, if handing it over was his only option, I would have asked for something in return, like his drivers license, or some cash--if he didn' dice!
  10. backinbrown

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    since when is having a cell phone in building wrong?

    and why is it wrong?
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    Apparently they have different rules in different buildings. In north jersey the only thing I've had them do is make you power up the phone on your way out the gate. The only way I'd hand over my phone to someone is to get a signed written receipt with the understanding I get it back after the end of my shift.
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    I think we coulda ended the thread right there....
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    Supposedly theres a new company policy starting March 1st that bans all cell phones and mp3 players from all buildings
  14. backinbrown

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    What is the issue with cell phones in building?
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    In the bigger buildings, you have to be able to prove it is your cell phone and not something that was stolen by you or someone else while you are working. 705 has a thread floating around the BC about an employee being discharged for theft by association for buying a stolen cell phone from a coworker who reportedly stole it while working. HTH.
  16. UPSNewbie

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    Click here.

    They do it because of the untrustworthy asses that sometimes show up at UPS.

    UPS has no idea if that phone came from a package or your cell phone store. And if they know it came from a store, why take a chance with other people?

    (My understanding.)
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    You posted right before me. The link of that thread is in my last post, or

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    Kudos for posting the link, didn't even think about that on my end.
  19. wolfman

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    and does that mean that the evil, untrustworthy management satan worshippers are not allowed to have their phones either? at our dispatch window, they posted a sign that use of cell phones was not allowed unless you were on lunch or break. then they tell you to call them from the road or ask you if you could call another driver for them!
  20. Channahon

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    Here's some insight on cell phones and UPS hubs

    First and foremost, the fast pace of our sorts really don't allow for employees to chat or text on their cell phone

    Using a cell phone at a UPS facility, generally calls for stepping out of the building to hold a conversation.

    Cell phones and wallets have been lost in trailers by employees loading the trailers, and sometimes the items are recovered at the destination and sometimes not, depending on how soon UPS is notified of the lost item, or the person unloading the trailer

    Cell phones and pagers, have been known to be high theft items, internally, as some people like to upgrade their equipment or make a quick buck on the streeet

    So if a cell phone is a necessity for an inside employee, the phone must be approved by the management team, and Security will register your phone and provide an approved sticker, which allows the employee to bring the phone on property.

    As popular as cell phones are today, can you imagine everyone chatting or texting on their phones, when they should be working?