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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SLW, Nov 26, 2019.

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    So I was hired in August as a seasonal "reg-temp" driver and was told we're hired as part-timers. Was told after 30 working days, I had the option (I'm in a RTW state) of joining the union. Started my 30 in October and am now done.

    But I've also heard others say that's not true. That I can't qualify after November 1, seasonals can't be union, blah blah. But the Reg-Temp job sheet I have in my hand from HR says "The jobs are union positions in the Teamsters Local (my local)," then listing the fee and dues.

    Doesn't really make much difference at this point, as I'm already here and working, but I'd like to join if I can. Not sure who to even ask at my center, so I'm asking here, although I might try the Local, too, I guess.
  2. Definitely don't ask your center manager. Ask your steward or call the union hall.
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    I went through the same sham 3 yrs ago. They even started me at the higher reg-temp rate for a couple pay checks before mgmt "realized" it was an error and change me to the full-time rate. The key word is "seasonal". HR is really just a recruiting department, eager to meet quotas and willing to spew misleading info to get you to sign up.

    It is true that you have to get your 30 in before Nov 1 to gain seniority before peak. Mgmt purposely made sure not to work you 30 before 11/1. Because you are "seasonal" you probably signed "electronically" an acknowledgement during your hiring which means the seniority clock will not start until the first day you work in January. Essentially, it is a 5 month audition for the job.

    Word of advice if you wish to become full-time. Keep your head down, don't make "waves" and don't have an accident. Work hard during peak and then in January and February to get your 30. Then get in the union, get your healthcare enrollment from the union, and start taking a full lunch.

    BTW, there should be a driver functioning as the union shop steward in your center. Really no need to bother him until you get your 30 in 2020.

    In my center, there was about 25 seasonal drivers hired my 1st peak. They kept 3 of us as full-time drivers. This was before the new 22.4 combo driver position and the Sunday service starting in 2020.

    Good Luck!!!
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    Can 100% do your 30 day packet during Nov-Dec, you just can’t obtain seniority.

    So you could make your 30 day packet to become a qualified driver but you have no seniority till you do another 30 outside of peak. It’s pretty stupid.

    Any days prior to peak continue to count towards the 30 if you didn’t get them all in prior.
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    So I worked I think 18 days in October. Assuming I survive through peak without anything bad happening, which I find unlikely, does that mean it starts again on day 19 on Jan 1st? Or is it Jan 15th?

    This is all BS. Although I'm not going to quit over it, part of the reason I took this position is the sense of security that comes with a union job. I thought the Teamsters would be as eager to take my dues as I am to pay them.
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    You will learn that neither UPS or the union give 100% correct information. You have to have a good filter and ask lots of questions.
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    This answered your question. Without knowing the supplement/rider you're under, you can not get accurate info on this forum as many areas have unique seniority qualifications. Call your local.
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    This and the unique deals that your Local makes with the company.