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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by TheU, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. TheU

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    I received my first check on friday and I am confused about how much I will be making.

    It says my current pay rate is 8.50
    but then below that it says I worked 25 regular hours at 9.50
    below that it says I was paid 8.50 for orientation

    I did the math and I was paid 9.50 for my regular hours. Why is the current pay rate 8.50?
  2. MonavieLeaker

    MonavieLeaker Bringin Teh_Lulz

    Starting rate is $8.50
  3. TheU

    TheU New Member

    So then why did they pay me 9.50?
  4. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    preload or sort worker?
  5. evilleace

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    Well if you are preloading then your payrate is $9.50 an hr. if you are unloading or loading trailers then you make $9.50 an hr. $8.50 is starting payrate that is why for orientation you were paid $8.50 an hr.
  6. Kevin211

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    Try being a feed driver, WE are still not sure what we make.
    One guy says 15.75
    Union says it should be a pay progression starting at 70% of the top scale wage.

    And were still not sure if we get the union contract raises (which i think we do)
    and the kicker of all this is we were told that we need to pay back what we were over paid as a Causual driver since we got hired full time. Example of this is Hired 5/26/08 as a causaul feeder driver, First trip that went towards my senority was June 1.
    My 30th day was Aug 15th. This whole time i was concidered a causual driver. When i was told i was hired full time,(aug 15) and that my senority date is June 12 that i would need to pay back those months since i was over paid, but keep in mind that they also used this time for my 30 days of propation.

    This is a short version of what i'm trying to explain because for me to truely explain/express would just be to long.
    Bottom line is i owe 4000 back to the company any many of my brothers own more the nthis or less everyone is differnt
  7. ColeCressman

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    I made 11.76 for orientation and make 9.50 for preloading. I also unloaded for two weeks and was still paid 9.50 instead of the 8.50 wage. Another guy in my class was paid 8.50 for the same training we were both in. Does it make sense, no, but you can probably say something to someone and they will make it right.
  8. gandydancer

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    With PAS loading package cars (preloading) is deskilled, $8.50 an hour starting, I think. Unloading or loading trailers is unskilled. Sort line can be either, depending on the complexity of the breaks. But all the rates go up by $1 after 90 days.
  9. flip33

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    So you get a pay raise of $1 after three months? Do preloaders get that dollar raise every year? (Thats what I was told by a fellow preloader where I work). And what is the top pay for a preloader?
  10. blue efficacy

    blue efficacy Active Member

    This is wrong. PAS does not make preloading an 8.50 job. THe contract clearly specifies the pay rate for preloader/sorter as being 9.50 starting. Whether or not you have PALs on the packages, you are still preloading or sorting, and are still entitled to 9.50/hour to start.