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    First I want to start off by saying sorry on behalf of all management. I am a supervisor (thus my name) but I am just so confused and mad all at the same time with management. They treat drivers and other hourly's like they are wild animals with no feelings or problems or any kind of lives what so ever. Then they wonder why people hate management??? I don't get it. It's so messed up what they do to you drivers and hourly's. I just don't have it in me to lie or to mislead people. Most especially when I have to see them every day and know some of the decisions that I make impact there lives, such as when they get home or what not. I am an on car sup. and most days when I come in, in the morning, other full-time sups are questioning other part-time sups. on why there are packages out side of the car's? I mean are you serious? Do you really think that they are there on purpose. Or maybe it's the fact that the flow is so heavy that they can't load? Or maybe just maybe they are having a bad day or personal problems? No, hell no, that's not acceptable. Maybe the part-time sups are doing all they can and no matter what they do, it's never enough? That's exactly how most UPS employees feel im sure. Enough is never enough is it. You are supposed to lie, cheat, back stab people, talk down to people, and then they will respect you? Are you serious!!!!!!!!!! Yet, we have so many people that wonder why moral is so low..Or why are drivers just don't perform. I wonder if they ever think that just maybe they are over dispatched??? Maybe they should have an extra route in, hell just put it as a half day, let a new driver run it to get some experience, it would help every one. However, that's just not the answer is it..they are just laying down..not working as hard. Ha ha, yeah management..that's it. I come home daily and my wife ask me how was work? I want to tell her how messed up this company really is, and how bad people get treated and lied to daily. But, she wouldn't understand. So I just put on a smile and say, it was a good day. Yet, I know that so many of my drivers are still out at 8:00 working.. because they are over dispatched...and they have been lied to over and over, on how "Oh we will fix that" , "We will get those businesses off of you", or "We will lighten up your pick ups". they wont.. So to all of you good drivers, and hourly's out there and other management, I am sorry that this company is so messed up. I am also sorry for your families...Sorry to all those husbands and wives out there...waiting at the dinner table on there loved ones to finally make it home..and I am sorry to all the kids out there who's moms and dads can't make it to your sporting event's. Trust me's not there fault. It's so sad that all this company sees is numbers and not people........
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    my eyes hurt..
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    Wall of text=Bad
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    we all know exactly how it works at ups, i even heard a sup telling my friend that last week he went over his hours on sort ppl so this week he's gonna have to make us sort alone for a while wich sucks cause you get backed up when that happens.
    in my opinion everyone is just trying not to get fired so they make the ppl below them suffer by making them work harder, for example management telling sups how many hours they can use for what and sups making package handlers work more then they have to by making them work alone.
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    I think it comes down to how much money you want to make as a supervisor.

    If you want to be hitler and get every last penny from this company, you treat your employees poorly, over dispatch, make the other guy look bad and yourself look good, lie, cheat and steal..

    If you want to be fair, reasonably likeable, someone you'd want to work for, you'll never make the numbers, never get any raises worth a damn, no bonuses, earfuls from higher ups every day..

    There is usually a balance; each person has their own placement, some are on one extreme some are the other.

    Personally, one of my P/T sups is a decent guy that will give time off whenever you want it, doesn't coerce you in when you're sick or body hurts, doesn't yell at you if you make a mistake....of course he's the lowest paid P/T sup I know of even with over 5 years in...
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    I would like to thank him for this thread. I had run out of sleep medicine and reading his novel put me right to sleep.
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    Perhaps we should all try to be more like you, Captain Post-a-lot.
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    LOL.....I agree with everything you just said.
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    Well if you are going to start by saying "on behalf of all managment" then don't include me. You basically stated that only you have a soul and that the rest of managment are the devil. I sleep well at night because I treat my people with respect and I am not alone. I have plenty of good people who I work with. On the other hand you neglected to mention the driver or package handler that makes life difficult for you, me and everyone else. I guess I should be glad there are people like that at UPS because without them there would be less of a need for supervisors.

    So the next time you feel the need to speak on my behalf.....DON'T
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    Its a two way street, there are some worthless hourlies and there are some sups i wouldnt trust walk a small child across the street....
    One things I hate about BC, is all the people who believes its us vs them, its really not we all have a common goal to make money and go home safe....Sups bitch and complain about numbers but those numbers make money for the company if we dont make numbers we dont make money (or considerably less) and a lot of hourlies dont underdstand that.
    A lot of sups also could have been taught to deal with people better, but in my expierence, ive seen more ft act imature that pt sups
  11. Its not that they don't understand drewed its that they don't have to understand. According to the contract, if they are working to the best of their ability but it doesn't make the numbers then thats all they have to do. Unfortunately, the bean counters or whatnot at UPS think they get to determine what each persons "best" is. That is why people get the attitude that your best is never good enough, because it isn't the number that the magic formula dictates. Most of the people on the preload know they only have to do their best and most of them do. So when they are to be held accountable for 224 pph or whatever it is for that particular area, most just shrug it off as us being never satisfied because 218 wasn't enough (even though it was their best). If someone has a bad day they don't ask if something was wrong or what not they immediately assume said worker was laying down on us. Sometimes that is true, but very rarely.

    The problem is the number is ratcheded up with no (or seemingly minimal) thought of building capabilities (capacity, old outdated belts, chutes, equipment, etc), age, and ability of the workers and the like. Plus I've heard IE say we're going beyond what is recommended sometimes and that is part of the reason we run into problems...I don't know for sure as I'm not in IE, but it makes sense to me when you try to double the amount of work sent over the belts instead of what is recommended that problems arise (damages, missorts, out of sequence PALs etc.).
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    It would seem that UpsSuP1 suffers from a little seen affliction in the managerial ranks. A CONSCIENCE!!! I hear by declare him unpromotable.
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    You forgot to mention the "83 Large" they paid me to take all of that abuse.
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    I think alot of the problem is that we almost have 3 divisions at UPS.Hourly,supes who have done the work and remembered it,and IE/upper mgmt who dont have a clue.IE throws a clearly unattainable number up in the air and expect everyone to make it.Some supes cook the books to get that number which is then locked in for life while others get prepared to get threatened with their job on the next conference call.Its just so silly to me that mid level mgmt cant discuss plans and goals with the high rollers

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    I know of a few FT sups that cooked the books and now don't have a job. Some think they won't get caught, but in this day and age, you hide a number somewhere, It's gonna pop up somewhere else.
  16. Well 55andout I have been with the company for 35 years and 32 of them being a package car driver. Your name says it all... 55andout... All your waiting for is to turn 55 so you can retire and get the hell out. Thats all I hear from any sup, I have so many years till I turn 55 and get out. In the past it never was like that. You say that you sleep well at night thats probably because you work 10 to 12 hours a day like us package drivers. Quality time with the family is a Saturday or Sunday. Forget about doing anything during the week. Oh yes there are bonus babies who get home early. But they break all the rules to do so. I think their is alot less need for driver supervisors because all I see them doing is looking at a operation report and then talking to the driver. Hell look at an operation report for drivers and see how many run over. Look at trucks that are 100% full and its not even 8 hrs of work. A driver supervisor cannot make a call on his own. I cant tell you how many times a driver tells a sup something that would workout better than what UPS has planned and the sup has to go talk to his manager because he cant make a call. The word comes down from IE and says this is how many routes you can put in and thats it. MAKE IT WORK... UpsSup1 hit the nail on the head on this subject. All the center sups know most drivers are over dispatched but they cant do a thing.
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    yeah youre right-you dont want to be the best in everything.someone who gets chewed out all the time will turn you in.we had a sup like that-had to be the best at that cat is unemployed
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    The name is not 55andout, its 55andout?(with a question mark) I can leave at 55 but I may not. I like my job, I like the challenges and the ability to make a difference. Yeah its a hard job, I never had an easy job at UPS. But I like the people, benefits and pay. Some days are long and some are not. I dont feel like my hands are tied at work and I see my family as much as any working man but thanks for worrying.

    Bottom line is if I dont like my job I can go elsewhere. Just like everyone else at UPS. Must dont because they wont make as much money elsewhere. Congrats on the 35 years of service. However, if you are bitter I wont feel sorry for you like UpsSup1, like I said, nobody made you stay here.
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    You certainly don't sound like ANY of the Supervisor's I know and work with.
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    You see your family like everone else does? Most people don't walk in the door most days well after 8pm to see their kids go to bed. Oh sure you can really go somewhere else. Doubt it! Just don't give us the b.s and sugar coat your life! Be honest......