Conservatism turns children into LIBERALS! and heres the proof!

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    Jonathan Krohn, a 13 year old teen who spoke at the CPAC conference when he was 13 thirteen years old, now 17, says he is no longer a CONSERVATIVE! He captured the hearts of right wingers everywhere as he merely repeated the words of his parents and brainwashing while he was 13 years old. Used as a political puppet to promote conservatism, Krohn now 13 says he didnt believe the rhetoric and was simply "repeating what I had been told" at the conference.

    Today, Krohn says he supports OBAMA, OBAMACARE, GAY MARRIAGE and his favorite shows are The Colbert Report, John Stewart and he is enrolling at New York University.

    Jonathan Krohn: CPAC's boy wonder swings left -

    It doesnt take much to see that modern day conservatism is for the old and outdated.

    Good Job KID! Break the cycle, be an example, be yourself, reject the brainwashing and make up your own mind on issues.


    35 sec of clapping - YouTube


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    And then they grow up and out of it.
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    This happens when the intelligent ones get real jobs and start paying attention to how wisely their taxes are used.
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    First he was 13 and then he was 17. He ain't votin' anyway so what do we care what some pimply faced kid thinks or says??
  5. Hoax said it perfectly...
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    I read the Politico piece and politics aside the kid actually comes across as fairly level headed and self aware, probably more than I was at 17 anyway. Who knows what he'll be doing 10 years from now.
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    Ya right, thats why there are more registered DEMOCRATS than Republicans in this country.


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    Ya, we saw how that worked out for this kid, who was being programed by his parents until he started thinking for himself.

    Conservatism, an oxymoron.


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    Does this mean heterosexuality turns kids homosexual too? We all know heterosexual couples have kids and every once in a while some turn out gay so using your logic all kids born today should be gay because their parents are heterosexuals.
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    Because :censored2: is dug doesn't mean one is required to now wallow in it's mud.

    The problem in debating the words Conservative and Liberal in their modern usage is typically the lack of historical knowledge of the terms by those engaged in the debate. Understanding the historical ideals and actions makes it quickly clear that those who embrace both modern terms with almost religious fervor today know next to nothing of what they are talking about. Now the quick response is always, "but that's what the majority of people think so that's all that matters." History is loaded with examples of the majority being grossly wrong and appeals to majority is not an argument.

    Etymology of Liberal

    Etymology of Conservative

    Etymology of Statism

    Typically I find both who argue in modern context for either liberal or conservative traditions to always be co-equals when it comes to being adherents to statism. Clarity of historical understanding demonstrates that the outcomes of either side in the modern context will always devolve into statist solutions and that free men will be restrained from natural evolution in learning, knowledge and understanding. Or more important, the very application of all that is discovered. Self evident truth of such suppression is the very lack of societal transparency and the peer pressures on all forms of free speech and expression of ideas or thought but the kneejerk fear that comes when baseless ideas are challenged.

    It is only men of domination, men of the means of force and aggression who require a curtain to hide behind, who fear light or truth.

    The very root word for liberty is the Latin word liber which is used for the word book being where knowledge or information is found. Liber is also a Roman god whose name means, "the free one." The same word liber also gave us the word for library.

    Maybe it's time we began to open our minds instead of closing them down and yes, in the classical sense, I am a liberal just as many of the great enlightened minds of the 18th and 19th century were when the domination of church and state began to be seriously challenged. Instead of wallowing in the holes of others, pick up the shovel of the autodidact and fill them in.

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