Conservative? Are you like these people??

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Mar 7, 2009.

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    I wonder how many of you who consider yourselves to be conservatives resemble the people in these series of videos? On the campaign trail, the vile hatred, unfettered racism, plain ignorance and rhetoric used by people who believe themselves to be everyday americans is shocking to say the least. In my part of the country, these are not the faces of conservatives.

    Take some time and watch this documentary. Its called:


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    I thought you wanted to move forward. Because you kicked republican butt, the people have spoken, it's time to move on...Policies are the only thing that matter now, in fact the only thing that ever mattered...Let's focus now and stay current...

    Why do you think guns and ammo are hard to find?

    Didn't Obama run on eliminating wasteful spending?

    Why is my son being sent to Iraq in June?

    Why did the market break through all the support levels after Obama said he didn't want to reveal what his treasury secretary had to say the next day?

    Why did Obama sign a bill to raise taxes on the poor (Feb 4).

    Where is the "change"? It looks like business as usual in Washington. Other than we find out about the criminals before they take office not after.

    I ask you these questions because you say you have the answers, you say you have a clue. If you have these answers I will spring a few more on you. Please enlighten me, because I guess I need a clue.
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    So is Hussein O. going to travel to Turkey with Clinton ??? If he does, he's ignoring the severe problems right here. He should spend more time in his office fixing us before helping other countries.
    Turkey-schmirkey !!
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    But he said during his campaign:

    (AP) Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is calling for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. combat brigades from Iraq, with the pullout being completed by the end of next year.

    "Let me be clear: There is no military solution in Iraq and there never was," Obama said in excerpts of the speech provided to The Associated Press.

    "The best way to protect our security and to pressure Iraq's leaders to resolve their civil war is to immediately begin to remove our combat troops. Not in six months or one year — now," the Illinois senator says.
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    OK I sense your frustration. All I am saying is he revealed his plan and it will be the summer of 2010. We can't go back only forward
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    Poor POS. His liberals dug the grave during the last two years as they ran amok in congress. His liberals are now spending money at the unheard of rate of 2.5 trillion in less then a 100 days. Poor POS he has no republican boogeymen to blame so he now regurgiates old documentaries to try to distract us from the catastophic devestation his liberals are applying to this country.
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    One small point about what this statement means, the speaker has no knowledge of logistics.
    The actual methods of moving people & supplies is quite time consuming & dangerous. To demand action now clearly shows his total lack of real world problems and solutions.
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    Just as a side note, I just wanted to send God's speed to your son as he leaves for Iraq. He is a true hero and great American
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    How is this affecting the poor? From what I read the cigarette tax will be paying for this. Are you a smoker?
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    I don't smoke...Poor people smoke, some studies show that as your income increases the least chance you are to smoke. If that is the case then it is a progressive tax on the poor. If it's not, it is just a hidden tax on the poor...And goes against Obama's promising not raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000 a year.
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    Thank you, I'm not complaining that he's going to Iraq just wonder why not Afganistan where we are supposedly beefing it up.
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    Let's be clear, that statement was made late summer 2007 on the campaign trail directed at the Bush Adm......So if Bush started withdrawing troops in late summer/early fall 2007 to the end of the following year 2008 that equates to a 16 month withdrawal.

    Castastrophic devestation left by Republicans, call for castastrophic preventative measures....The legacy of this past administration and their ideaology will be haunting us for a generation.

    Last couple of years Gen Petraus was the worlds greatest military man, now the President consoles with him and his staff. Are you saying today Obama's military advisors have total lack of real world problems and solutions. I will concede this, we know how to start a war, kick butt, and take names, were just not that good with exit strategies.

    Besides the addictive nature of nicotine, smoking is a choice. People are not mandated to buy Cigs and pay this tax, therefore it's not hidden, it's voluntary....
    Anyway, It's a tax on anyone who chooses to smoke across the board reguardless of status.
    Studies also shown, more poor people would quit than richer people. IMO they should legalize pot and tax that as well. Studies also show that more well off Suburbanites use pot than Urbanites...if that means anything...
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    here we agree.
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    I think Obama ran his campaign in the primary on a complete and immediate withdrawal. Once nominated he switched to an immediate 16 month withdrawal. Now as President he has adopted the Bush strategy of troop levels. Before long he will be calling for 400,000 troops in Iraq.
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    I guess since Tie can go around proclaiming a doubling of the national debt means a great economy, I've got to let you get away with turning that batch of lemons into your own lemonade!


    Hey if we can't laugh when all this crap is going on around us, we're screwed!
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    I would concur with that opinion as well and I think it no secret we share a different POV when it comes to this issue of Iraq and the use of american military power. I do think a military force will remain in Iraq beyond 2010'. 2011' and even 2012' not that I agree with that but because of the presense of American interests in that area now. The new US embassy complex alone is obviously a garrison complex and not a diplomatic complex alone which would require a much smaller footprint. Most people forsee a 30k to 50k permenate force in Iraq so this 16 month timetable is bogus and is added to when Obama sez that in 16 months "combat" troops will withdraw. IMO, he's twisting the use of the term combat missions troops and all troops for political purposes. Like Europe, Japan, South Korea so goes Iraq!

    At least McCain was honest about it, I'll give him that!