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  1. CiscoKid

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    I have been reading some of the forum posts, and I have been getting some good information. It seems that FedEx bends you over in regards to insurance.

    My question to you guys is, I just got offered a position as aircraft maintenace. I work currently for one of the 7 major airlines. I don't have much time with the company I am with now. Is it worth making the jump to FedEx?

    How is the company as a whole? Does the words layoffs ever come into play?
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    I don't know about any other division but Express doesn't use the word "layoff". They use the word displace but that isn't something they will tell you at your interview or orientation. At Express, you'll be told "FedEx has a no layoff policy. We only hire enough people so we don't have to lay people off. Yada, yada, yada." It's all lies. If they need to get rid of someone, they'll either eliminate their position and put them on displacement or find a way of getting you fired.
  3. Cactus

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    What he said. And by the way don't let a FedEx manager try to paint you a pretty picture. It's always ugly underneath.
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    Try to find some other aircraft mechanics to talk to, preferably FDX ones and get their opinions. Most posters on here are couriers and they are at the bottom of the pile. One step above a handler. So they take the most crap. I know 2 FDX aircraft mechanics and they seem to enjoy their job and the money they make. I am in AGFS, not DGO and we fly by some different rules than the couriers and handlers.

    As far as insurance goes, FDX does not offer the best. Its not the worst either. I know some teachers and insurance through their school districts is crazy high compared to what is offered to us. Heck good ole Obummer Care would cost me 4 times as much as I am paying for my FDX insurance. Ask what the costs are at your interview so you can compare against what your already have.
  5. DRAisawesome

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    Mechanics are basically Union at express. They are one of the only divisions that has a pay scale and aircraft mx make about 50 bones/ hour. The difference is all aircraft mx paid the same across the board. No regional salary changes.
  6. Route 66

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    Was talking with an aircraft mech the other day. He was saying that with all the new Boeings the company has, all he basically does is sit around and twiddle his thumbs (that's the cleaned-up version), collect a good paycheck and go back to his nice home. He loves it.
  7. MrFedEx

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    Stay with the major airline, where you presumably have a union. If mechanics don't have enough to do. as stated by another contributor, Fred will surplus you. Count on it.
  8. silenze

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    Yeah but those major airlines go bankrupt all the time.
  9. dezguy

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    Guess you've never been to a meeting at Express. For the past decade we've been told Express isn't making money and we're barely hanging on. lol
  10. Operational needs

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    Yeah, usually right before they give themselves a bonus.
  11. MrFedEx

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    Airlines are making money hand over fist right now.
  12. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

    What about in 5 or 10 years. How about in 30. No Healthcare and pension
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    If your current job has great benefits and pay, stick with it. If not so hot, I'd take the FedEx job. The position sounds nice and cushy, and you're unionized. I recently started at Express and like my job, my manager and the people I work with. Maybe I just lucked out and landed at a good station.
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  15. dvalleyjim

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    take it. especially if you don't have anything else. No brainer.
  16. overflowed

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    Did you read the OP's post?
  17. upsbeernut

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    Your gonna be fine in maintenance , the demand for a good mechanic is high. Driving is different with helpers making 20 dollars an hour, more than some of the drivers.
  18. Route 66

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    You mean like the part where he said he is currently employed by one of the 7 major airlines?