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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Pentel, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Pentel

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    A supervisor at my center just got promoted so there is now an opening.

    I know gateways tend to be much more slack than the ground hubs....I have been w/ UPS almost 5 years and make 12.35 (about 20 hours per week) much of a raise should i expect as a supervisor on initial hire and how do raises work for PT sup's?

    I know mgmt has to pay for the benefits, but are the benefits basically the same or better?

    There have been no new driving jobs to bid on for over 18 months in my area, so this or sales is my only promotion option.

    I am currently studying to be a personal trainer (just finished the textbook this on to review), so i really don't know if i see UPS as a full time career (unless maybe as a driver), I am def still with the company for the amazing benefits. Fitness/nutrition is where my interests/excitement/passion lies but no benefits in that industry will match what UPS gives me. So i almost like the flexibility as a union member to cut back my hrs if i want and keep the same benefits
  2. Pentel

    Pentel New Member pt supervisors top out on the pay scale?

    do pt union hourly's top out?
  3. Anonymous 10

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    I wouldn't consider this position if it were the last position at ups on earth.
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    Pentel, it sounds as though you have your priorities where they should be--do what you like for a career and do what you need to do to pay the bills. I am not at all familiar with the PT pay scale, union or management, so I can't help you there.

    If it were me and I were you in your shoes I would focus on furthering my personal trainer career, which is your passion, while applying for the PT sup job at the gateway, which would provide me with supervisory experience and health benefits.

    Good luck.
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    Just be careful. With what mgmt pays for their health benefits against their salary you might actually be taking a paycut.
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    Almost everyone here is going to tell you not to take the job and stay hourly. My opinion is if you are in any way thinking of staying with UPS long term then stay with the union. You have five years of seniority so I would assume you are at least within a few years of driving and I would strongly suggest keeping that option open with the current economy while you decide what you want for the future.

    If you are absolutely sure that you plan to leave UPS, then I would take the pt sup job. Despite what most people on here will say, you will learn a lot as a pt sup. I learned more as a pt sup than I did the entire time I was in school. Always remember, the job is what you make of it, and in the end, they're just boxes. If you treat everyone with respect and develop relationships, you will enjoy the job. If you act like a you're above everyone and are disrespectful, you will be miserable.

    You will get a raise and 27.5 hours so the money is better. But you will see minimal raises per year and you will pay a small amount for your benefits every week. The benefits are not as good as the union benefits, but they are not bad either. That could depend on where you are at too.

  7. Pentel

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    well as a union hourly i have flexibility in hours...i make 20 which is about the max but if i wanted i could down to like 90 mins a night. Which COULD be beneficial w/ my fitness career as i will make more money per hour. I just think unless i start making 60-80k a year as a trainer (which is unlikely) I imagine keeping the UPS part time job for the benefits.

    I'm almost looking at it like SHORT TERM supervisor would be great b/c of money increase and experience gained.....but LONG TERM, free benefits/flexible hours/tuition reimbursement/union protection

    A big perk for me as being a supervisor is I would be able to put on my resume that i have management experience incase i wanted to apply for a gym manager position in the future or manage a team of fitness trainers, etc....It would help me a lot in that regard.

    My uncertainty is the long term aspect, once i gain the personal training certification and start on a nutrition certification or degree i don't know if i want the commitment in hours/time/stress/thought as a supervisor for a part time gig

    Pro's/Con's are not significantly outweighing the other and nobody i know tends to have any perspectives on it