considering UPS job offer: forklift operator?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MFCH, Mar 10, 2008.

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    i've been looking into working at UPS for a while now and finally applied a couple weeks ago. I got a call back today with a starting offer as a forklift operator during the day. I'm just wondering about some details/reviews of that position; how much i'd make, is this part of Freight, and is this a desirable entry-level job.

    thanks in advance. see some of you soon
  2. scratch

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    We don't use forklifts to load in the Parcel Division, packages are moved by hand. This job has to be with UPS Freight, UPS Cartage, or Supply Chain Solutions. I don't know what the pay is there, good luck.
  3. rod

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    Forklifts = wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. Forklifts are WAY too tame for the Parcel Division. We use big, monterous, out of control, unforgivng, mile long conveyer belts to crush our packages.:happy2:
  4. Pollocknbrown

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    And if the belts dont do it.....we put the 130lb transmission on top of the box that is 12 by 10 by 12 but has nothing in it but a pen so that is sure to do the job. :happy-very:
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    Or an idiot that did not put a large truck tire in a tire tote and rolling down the slide right for me.
  7. old brown shoe

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    To be a fork lift person you must have really skinny arms that will fit between the slats on the pallets and be strong enough to lift it loaded into the back of a truck.:weightlifter:
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    So many people have gotten hurt at my hub, that we dont even send tires out of the trucks to the sorters anymore, thank god, i was getting tired of tractor tires and tires with rims going to the air belt or orange (both at or above eye level for me)
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    I know what you mean about the rims they dont have us sort tractor tires.. but I remember getting hit in the face by a tire once.. The sup was like try putting it on the belt in the tire tote and the tire was too big so it would stand up.. so we had to pull it off a moving belt and as we went to pull it the tire rolled out (18 wheeler tire) and smacked me dead in the face.
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    In my hub you dont even send irregs up to the sorters. You just put them down the slide for the irreg guys next to the trailer.

    And there is a seperate bay for irregs.
  11. Pollocknbrown

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    We have that too, but you'd be surprised what unloaders still send, i honest to god a cpl days ago got a box weighing 112lbs AND WAS LEAKING!!!! killed the aisle sat there for 5 misn waiting for our supe to come from doing w/e he does since the sort aisle sups do nothing, check it out, struggle to pull it off, throw it on the small sort belt pull it off before it hits the small sort for the hazmat guys. (dont believe it was a hazmat tho...wasnt marked). and also we have a general rule for unloaders that if the box is longer than you are tall its too 6 foot even (give or take an inch) i got a box yesterday that was atleast 2-3 ft over my unload shaq moved to buffalo and got a job....
  12. thebrownbox

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    Ugh speaking of what sorters send.. one of them sent a box that was 141Lb's when they know nothing over 80Lb gets sent down the belt..

    Good thing no small empty boxes were in it's path...
  13. Pollocknbrown

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    screw small empty boxes when u got a box more than double the weight you can send, good thing a person wasnt in the way(nothing over 70 here), ive seen how boxes come flying down those chutes into the doors.
  14. Fnix

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    I hate it when loaders miss the irregs and you're sorting and you can hear a freaking Wire Spool or Tire rolling your way down the chute 100 feet away. I just move out of the way and let it roll down and smash into the ground.

    I also got a load stand once send up to me.
  15. Pollocknbrown

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    Ha ha ya spools of wire are fun, spekaing of them i feel sorry for the loader in CACH who works the buffalo Nite load, when i use to do that truck (we get 2 or 3 trailers, but only one is loaded with irregs) there is usually enough spools to make a wall of packages out of them...and enough odd heavy irregs to start your own army.
  16. thebrownbox

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    haha a spool of wire, when I was a sorter I by mistake put a spool of wire of the belt well it fell over and caused the packages to back up. I don't know about other hubs but the stuff jams easy here so they spray the slide with wax.. talk about double the speed with already slick things like wood boards with something like 80lb in it.