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  1. plankton

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    Has anyone heard anything about district consolidations? I know most of the layoff threads have been concerning union employees. I work at a District office and am concerned that my job would be gone for good. I know most of the threads frown on paper pushers, but I am just as concerned as everyone else. I am not happy about the union employees being laid off or the state of the economy. I am not looking forward to starting over after 20 yrs at UPS. We keep hearing that something big is coming in January. :sad-little:
  2. pretzel_man

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    There will definitely be district / regions consolidations. That's for sure. Same thing happened a year ago.

  3. rushfan

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    Heard S. Idaho will go to Portland, and Utah will get divided. That's all I'm saying
  4. chev

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    You have just as much right to be concerned as us union workers.
    I've not heard anything though. Hope all goes well for you. It's difficult to have to worry about the security of your job. :sad-little:
  5. Channahon

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    Consolidations of districts and regions have been going on since the early 90's and will continue to save management, real estate and technology expense, in my opinion.

    You have been with UPS 20 years, and will be given an opportunity to continue your employment, where they may be an opening. Temporary employees will be let go, and the positons filled with existing UPS employees.

    Now the job may not be in the location, environment or department you may be use to, but it will still be a job at UPS.

    Good luck
  6. plankton

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    Their are only so many temps and a lot of people with seniority. I am not just concerned about where I end up. It is just so frustrating to work your tail off during peak and then find out in January that you are either out the door or working Midnights. I did my time on the Midnight shift. You work for a company and try to move forward and it just seems at UPS (since we went public) you only go backward.