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    This is why you wait till you get the final details before you start running you mouth about how bad the contract is.

    Example #1

    For the people bitching about the health plan..

    All members presently in the company-based health plan are being moved out, into the Central States Health and Welfare Fund or other funds. Benefits there are being enhanced to match current benefits.
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    Old news ,knew about that last Friday. Keep waiting for hoffa and hall to update you. Oh wait- stink said it's a secret
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    this same thing happened in 2008....everyone was happy about a deal and a strike was less likely to happen. but almost everyone agreed that is was a weak contract ( hoffa said it was to organize Overnite )

    same thing will happen this time. it will take time to realize that this is also a weak contract.

    in light of record profits thia will always to unbelievable to me.
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    I did? No secret. But your gonna have to wait.
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    What part about "BENEFITS THERE ARE BEING ENHNANCED" don't you understand? What that means is that those Teamsters unfortunate enough to get dumped into the central states are being dumped into inferior plans, and those plans have to be changed to reflect something like the plans those teamsters are leaving. What is DOESNT say, is that those inferior central states plans will be ENHANCED to be IDENTICAL to the plans those teamsters are being removed from. THE WORD "IDENTICAL" PEOPLE. Symantics at its best. Like I said weeks ago, words like "similar", "LIKE", "RESEMBLING" do NOT MEAN IDENTICAL. You'd better be prepared to be screwed if this contract gets ratified. UPSGUY, I am not sure what your knowledge of contractual language interpretation is, but so far, you are taking the BAIT, hook, line and sinker.
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    what about the end of the sentence? "to match current benefits."
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    Healthcare is the number one priority and concern for me with this contract. As a part-time employee, I prefer to remain with UPS/Aetna. The healthcare plan that UPS has provided us could not be better. Second choice for me would be to go with our current full-time healthcare insurance plan. My last choice would be Central States.......UNLESS....I have time to review the complete plan and schedule of benefits. If it is in any manner inferior to our current plan, my vote will be NO on this contract.

    That said.. I hope what UPSGuy72 is addition to what The Other trying to insure. For me personally.....I interpret "enhanced to match" with "ENHANCED to be Identical" the same meaning.. of course.....I will read every detail of whatever healthcare plan is presented us.

    from an online dictionary...

    match up to something
    [for something] to match, be equal to,
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    Ask your supervisor and manager about what enhancement means in the UPS dictionary.
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    The story I heard from one of my TDU friends is that TDU is posting everything they get from their TDU run locals that were at the negotiations. They were not allowed to take the contracts or notes out of the negotiation room (hall order). So they have been posting information based upon peoples memories on as much as they can remember.
    TDU initially got the pay raises wrong (had .90 instead of the correct .80 on the fourth year) and they have made other mistakes. But they are doing their best to get as much info out as they can as fast as they can.
    Hoffa and hall want the only exposure to the contract to be #1 at your union hall and #2 in the ballot.
    Why is that? If it is a good deal, then why protect it from our inspection? Are they not wanting to take any chances that this contract could be voted down? What's the worst that would happen if we vote it down? I saw that the United Airlines teamsters voted down 2 TA's and they got contract improvements on the final deal.
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    You have the final details?

    I have a couple of questions.

    My benefits will match 100% from the $0 deductible to the $3500 in adoption assistance?
    Will the access to my children’s doctors and specialists change?
    Is the level of customer assistance from Aetna going to be duplicated by the Central States?
    Will the SPD for this new plan accompany the TA so we have time to review it?

  13. Central States Insurance would be a complete bonehead choice to make, In my humble opinion. I worked for BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF FLORIDA health insurance company for 17 years before I started working at UPS. I know a little about health insurance.

    I came to work for UPS because of the AWESOME insurance benefits that UPS provided for me and my family.

    Just as an FYI. The insurance benefits I currently have with UPS / Aetna is far better than the insurance benefits that I ever had while I was employed with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. That's because with our past contracts Teamsters negotiated for our health benefits with the best of the best health Insurane's that are out there. Ps I am a part-time union employee.

    What is currently taking place, a negotiation with Teamsters and UPS for our benefits, will be the same thing that has to be done with Central States Insurance so that they might come close to the same policy / benefits that you currently have today. Guess what people, this takes time and it won't happen over night.  Meanwhile if we get stuck with Central States Insurance we as UPSERS will have to ride this roller coaster for the next five years and see where it takes us. 

    I don't know about you but before started reading Brown Cafe - UPS News for UPSers messages I had never heard of Central States Insurance. Do you really want an insurance that you have never heard of, I don't. Why doesn't Teamsters negotiate for health insurance from a National Insurance company that "everyone" knows. ( "everyone" meaning You / Me / Doctors / Hospitals and Providers of medical services )

    If the Doctors and Hospital in your region of the country, are not aware of the insurance ( ie. Central States Insurance ;) then they will most likely not accept assignment for the visit / services that you receive and then the monkey is on your back to take care of that bill. This type of thing happens every day in the Health Insurance world. I don't like it but facts are facts.

    If this is the insurance that we are negotiating for, I have a problem it. The Teamsters logo is in the upper right hand corner of this page. If this is the insurance in question, who has the most to gain from OUR UPSERS contract.  I know my last paragraph is speculative but if it is correct we could be short changed and I'm not willing to take that chance.

    There is still plenty of time before we have to vote on this current contract that Teamsters is negotiating. There's a lot of reading to do and a lot of understanding and clarification that needs to take place before we vote. I for one will be reading and asking a whole lot of questions. The answers I get, i will be confirming that they are correct and not someone's opinion. I will not listen to someone's words and take them as the only gospel there is. I know that I am only one person, but I am the only voice my family has to help maintain the health insurance that we as UPSERS have.
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    I am wondering if Anything about health will even be in there? Why would it? IF the Union is now in control of it.
    I would guess you would have to trust whatever the union tell you, since they are in control.
    The word on the street is the Union will make all 100,000+ peoples insurance equal to what they currently have. I also heard that they were even going to make it Better for everyone. I could understand the delay on this as they need to negotiate with an insurance company, kinda. Because to make bold statements or take it over, I would think the Math would of already been done.. Wait for the 7th
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    Have you heard about the people that are already in the CS plan ? Are we getting stuck the our current benefits? Or is there finally going to be equality at UPS with our health insurance so we all get the same benefits ? THX for any help with this..
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    If I am stuck with my current CS plan, and it will not change, while other UPSers are getting better benefits thru CS, I will be voting NO..It would not be fair to all us currently in CS.. We have suffered long enough with SH**Y insurance..
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    That's not what I said Aggitator3.
    I said we, the front line bargaining unit, need not know every detail and offer that was lobbed across the table during the negotiations.
    I submitted that such a practice would be detrimental to us.
    Now that there has been a tentative agreement, by all means we deserve every last detail and time to weigh and ponder before we vote to ratify.
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    The union claims that the insurance was not changing for anybody. It looks like the 110,000 on unions plans will not see any changes. But the 140,000 that are on company plans and are getting moved to union plans will see retiree healthcare go from $50/month to $300/month by the third year of this TA if it is ratified. That is outrageous!
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    I heard from someone yesterday that the final year is .90 not 1.00.
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    I could be wrong, but I'm under the CS plan and I thought I heard that retirement benefits cost us $500 a month per person now. This was from some guys who retired already.