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    I've looked over the proposed agreement and here's what I've found that hasn't been mentioned besides the obvious. Our medical will not be the same at least for some. There will now be a deductible of $200. In retirement insurance pays 80/20 in network and 70/30 out. Deductible is per person and new coverage does not cover kids...just you and your spouse. To be eligible for coverage in retirement you must be at least 55 and have at least 25 years of service.

    Vacations will now be picked in two segments. You will be allowed to pick one week during June/July and August. If you have six weeks to pick you will be allowed to pick four. After everyone picks the first round you will then be able to pick the rest.

    If a holiday falls during a vacation week you will get paid for the day. You no longer have the option of scheduling the extra day.

    I see no language that states that the 22.3 jobs will not be split into two part time jobs on two different shifts like they were in the last contract.

    Part timers who work extra as driver helpers will not get overtime now after five hours. All driver helper hours will be straight time up to eight hours in a day and they are not allowed to work over eight hours in one day.

    Extra work on a sixth day will go first to employees who haven't yet worked their five days during the week.

    This a total slap in the face to part time seniority and part timers are getting burned again. Read your contract supplement riders for your area. I got these out of the Central supplement rider. These are those things they slip in and think no one notices. I know there are others, but I think this is enough for you to make up your minds. Read your supplements and decide if you can work with these conditions added. It's hall once again giving the company back things we already had.
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    If you split your option week into single days you will be only paid for 9 hours instead of 10. DO NOT DO THIS it will save the company the hourly wage wvwry time you do it
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    The picking of vacations in two segments is already in the current contract in the Central Region Supplement. Note that for this to happen it has to have approval from the union, which means it has to be voted on by the membership. This has not happened in my local in the past five years and I do not forsee it happening under the next contract. There is a slim to none chance that the top 51% of drivers in the top of the seniority list are going to give up their premium vacation picks.
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    Wrong. You will no longer be breaking up the option week of 50 hours.
    Regular vacation weeks of 45 hours would apply.
    45/5=9 hours.
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    Bingo. Unless they are too lazy to vote.
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    Are you one of those part timers who sits around smoking weed??
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    Steward, what's that suppose to mean? We don't have these give backs in OUR contract now. Like I your supplements and decide if this works for you. Why don't you get your head out of Hoffa's ASS and look at the proposal. I haven't told anyone to vote yes or no...that's their decision. I'm stating the facts so maybe people will vote. And just an FYI I know a hell of a lot more Full timers who love their drugs then part timers. One of the main reasons some won't go into feeder. MIGHT THAT BE YOU???????????
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    And Bottomups, these supplements do NOT have to be voted on by the members. They are added clauses to our contract and there are several things that have been added that at the present time the company does not enforce. This is apparently one of them. I know we do not have this language in our agreement. These are things the company keeps in their back pocket to pull out at any time to benefit whatever agenda they are now trying to pursue. If you read the top of the supplement it says, August 1,2013. That is when it goes into effect and can be enforced at any time. Someones giving you a line of crap if they say you get to vote on this. Check your already voted on this.
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    Nope I'm drug free I just drink on the weekends. With some of the assumptions from your first post in this thread you seem kinda lost. Our supplement hardly changed. It's not bad at all except for the article 17 I language. The other stuff you pointed out didn't make to much sense to me. Who cares if you get paid 9 or 10 hours for a single day vacation coverage day. The vacation language has always had these kind of provisions. I won't support them and this will go a long way in my barn. What else oh retiree's get dental and vision now. From your post I just figured you smoked a spliff or something.
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    Did you even read the post before the criticism? What am I lost about? I now pay a $10 copay and 90/10 for my coverage after that. A $200 deductible and 80/20 is much more money if you can add. I said nothing about the 9 or 10 hour vacation day...I could care less. But they could enforce the picking of vacations out of seniority order....again if you read what I wrote. We also don't have this language in my contract. The driver helper pay use to be time and a half if a part time employee went out after his shift. They get OT after five hours. This burns them again. If there is an extra shift say on Sat during peak, this language states that an employee who had a day off during the week can work before an employee who managed to make it to work every day like they are suppose to. Again a slap on Seniority. And the 22.3 language has not improved at all. They can play the same games they have since those jobs were implemented. So where am I lost? Enlighten me.
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    So the issues pointed out here are all Central State, correct?
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    Helpers in my area never got over time after 5 hours. If you are looking for sympathy about paying ten dollar co pays don't look at me. When I was a part timer I paid ten dollar co pays and I lived it. The. I went full time and I just didn't understand how a part time employee had better benifits that a film timer. Now you are going to be paying a little more. I'm sorry but once you go full time and start your career here a ups you will have these good ass reduced benifits.
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    I really think you are the one smoking something Stewie. I don't want sympathy for anything. I'm just stating facts that people don't read before they vote on a contract. We get overtime as a driver's helper now. The point is they are now putting language in to change that. Can you read? And I have over thirty years with the company so any issues I am stating are to help others know what they are voting for. I don't need your holier than though attitude about how wonderful you are because you went "full time" and have "started your career". I'm not whining about anything and you can all vote yes for all I care. I never told anyone how to vote. And to answer you Cementups......I am reading the Central Region Supplement. Depending on what Local you are in, your Supplement language might differ somewhat so read Your Supplement.
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    Has anyone else read anything that supports the "facts" stated by the OP? I'm a part time employee, working preload. I've had my insurance since last August, but have only used vision so far, on one occasion. What he's saying regarding medical co-pay does concern me... but what interests me right this moment is the part about driver helper overtime.

    People in my building tend to have an opportunity at being coverage drivers ~2 years in. If I do not start driving this peak, I intend on helping just as I've done the past two peaks. Here, driver helper overtime starts after 8 hours total worked that day (up to 5 hours counted from preload). Example: if I work 4.5 hours in preload, the first 3.5 helper hours are regular pay, everything after is overtime at the 8.50 rate. If I work 6 hours in preload (extended peak hours), only the first 5 apply towards the "over 8 hours" thing. So, the first three helper hours will still be at 8.50, then overtime after. That's how it works here, and I know this for sure, because I calculate my hours and rates every peak, and my numbers always add up. I do this to make sure I'm paid correctly.

    Anyway, does this mean that next peak I will no longer be able to work overtime as a helper? If I don't drive, I'm seriously counting on this for "extra" income (more like NEEDED income), so this is a pretty big deal to me. It's not uncommon for me to work 14-17 hour days at least a few times during peak, and bring in weekly paychecks of $400-650, rather than the usual $190-210. Where can I read about these changes?
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    You sound like a whiner.
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    Nice comeback there Stewie. I don't see you posting anything helpful to anyone. All you do is come on here and criticize people for their posts. I'm glad you have things all figured out and your life will just be smooth sailing at good old Big Brown. I never said if I was full time or part time, and I don't see why that should matter. I don't understand full timers attitude toward part time employees. In many cases they work harder then full timers. Talk about whiners. I work too many hoo.....I can't work twelve hoo. I would work twelve hours anytime I could get them while I am still capable of doing so. Many part timers have two or three jobs and are driving from one to another. You are a Steward? I feel sorry for people having to go to you for help. Nice attitude. You can't win an argument so you go on here and attack my reputation. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I really don't care what some faceless chicken thinks about me. You don't know a thing about me yet you find it necessary to attack me and my reputation. Go ahead if that makes you feel better about yourself. Now back to some issues that other more mature people are considering before a contract vote.
    To answer your question Laffter....this has been in the Central Region Supplement, but in my building part time was part time. If you went out as a helper you got overtime after five hours....Period. It doesn't matter what kind of work it was. In the contract a Part timer gets time and a half after five hours. Now the company is adding this into a Supplement so they can pay straight time to part timers. That still may be a good deal to older part timers who make a pretty good buck on straight time anyway. It does have a clause that says you can't work over eight hours, but who knows if every building will enforce that. If you are liked, and they want to work you longer, I'm pretty sure they would anyway. I'm just stating some things that we never had in our contract for people to consider.
    And one more comment for Mr. Stewie know it all. Working part time is a choice for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. I'm sick of seeing them bashed by full timers. They get bashed enough by Management who thing part time means part time intelligence also. We don't need Union people attacking our own. They have their issues to fight just like you have yours. Working inside a building all day can be as dangerous as driving around all day. Different issues. Do you know how many part timers in my thirty plus career have died of cancer before they even saw retirement???? Breathing diesel fumes inside a hub isn't the best environment either, so quit your whining. Go ahead and attack me again. I'll still be here to answer a question if I can help someone out. Maybe you all should just message me so I can help you or message Mr. Stewie Steward. He seems to have all of the answers.
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    There is another member on here referred to as Stewie. (PTStewie)
    ​The poster you are referring to is anonymous or 407.
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    Ass kicker, we in the SE have been living with those conditions since day one. Come on in, the kool aid is fine.
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    I rarely complain about anything son. Hours defiantly not. I grew up poor so if ups wants to compensate me with 135k a year ill take it while it ls here. You got me all wrong I'm just an optimist.

    As far as part time goes I'm not hard on them but they are what they are it was never meant to be a career like you have obviously made it. I commend you for doing so but ups is a changing and you are going to get squeezed a little bit more every contract. It is what it is.

    ​This is my career it was never meant to be yours if you won't go full time. As far as how smart you are and how stupid you think I am at least I've figured out the art of a paragraph. God bless
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    You might think I'm stupid but at least I've figured out the art of the paragraph.