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    Really didn't sound all that upbeat. Thought he was just going to walk away until healthcare was off the table?
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    Sounds like the union agrees with the company's explanation concerning healthcare! Now they are looking for things we can give up so we don't pay!
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    Not a good sign. Like Obama has alot to say. But- after you think about what is said. It just means nothing. No substance. Political BS.
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    Now it's just a matter of what they are going to give up to keep healthcare at "zero cents". Prepare to be :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed elsewhere, but how many didn't see it coming? Concessions when we're in the green; every contract will include concessions from here on out.
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    Longer progression for the unborn. (non teamsters) Any part timer would be grandfathered in to a lower progression. Make it 5 years. I had to wait 3 years when drivers years ago only waited a few months.

    Allow part timers to opt out of health care and gain a $ amount raise to entice them. A lot of them are on a parents plan anyway and/or are employed elsewhere and can get bennies through their other employer. AGAIN, give them the option to get more money with no health benefits.

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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    Wow! That was a disappointment to read. We are working on "creative"solution for health care. Wtf. I agree with what brownslave said? Not that I want them to walk away, but dam. You don't say what ken said and do totally opposite. What a jackass.
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    the way i'm beginning to look at it is, as a new part-timer, it's not like they really can screw me more. i suppose that's being naive..
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    You must be new.
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    Health care for new Part-Timers...gone in exchange for small pay increase for part-timers. Start $10 and max $14.

    My 2 cents.
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    My two cents is don't give back crap. If so vote no. The only thing I would even consider voting for would be longer progression. But that longer progression would need to put driver much closer than $10 an hour when they jump to full scale. I'm talking start at $20 an hour and a $2.50 an hour raise every year.
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    Just vote no!
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    Creative ? I got your creative right here. That is not the same man that stood at the podium in Philly or maybe it was ( a used care salesman). Sean O'Brien said it best failure is not a option. Mr hall if you want to be IBT president "with your shield or on it' .Come back to us with a good contract to vote on or resign!!! The company is tightening the screws every day and we are being creative ? Tell them to pound sand among other things. Get us our fair share !!! Just our just rewards.
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    We, as a union, cannot continue to eat our own young and sell out yet-to-be-hired PT'ers any further. Having an $8.50/hr starting wage in a union shop is shameful enough - how lower can we stoop?
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    Thank you reydluap for the update and link...

    I. Introduction to Political Speaking 101

    "Thank you to everyone who participated in the rallies and the National Day of Action at UPS and UPS Freight during the past several weeks. The response was overwhelming. I had the opportunity to meet with more than 10,000 Teamsters in two weekends, and the message from our members was clear – we will not settle for anything less than a fair contract.
    Yesterday, the National Negotiating Committee and I presented the Company with more than 55,000 signatures on petitions demanding a fair contract now at UPS and UPS Freight."

    II. Introduction on how to prepare UPS Teamsters that some group of UPSers (unborn, part-time, etc.) will be taking concessions.

    "We have held bargaining sessions for the past two weeks with UPS. The Committee has reiterated that without movement by the Company on articles of the contract pertaining to harassment, we will not be able to move forward at this time. The Company also gave us a presentation on healthcare costs to support their proposal on health insurance. In response, the Committee is working hard to come up with creative solutions to the problem, in order to make sure that Teamsters at UPS don’t pay a cent towards their health insurance and Teamsters at UPS Freight do not pay a cent more towards theirs. We hope to be in a position to present an offer soon."

    III. Informing members that this will not be a quick contract (completed by March 31st). Any raises will be minimal. "Healthy" starting wage part-time increase? (from $8.50 to $9.50?). Sorry existing part-timers.....don't expect much in the way of wage increases...

    "Before we broke for the weekend, we submitted our first comprehensive economic proposal. The proposal includes wage increases for all Teamsters, including a healthy increase in the starting wage rates for part-timers. We expect a response from the Company next week"

    IV. Strong Supplement language is vital for all of us. It often takes precedence over National language. This is where UPS starts to divide and weaken us where they can. These committees are often "too quick' to reach tentative agreements with the company. Central Region language in particular has been weak, vague, and often contradictory.

    "Most of the Supplemental negotiations are nearing completion. The International has offered assistance to the few Supplements that are not making as much progress, and some of them will be meeting in conjunction with National Negotiations in an effort to bring them to a successful conclusion. This has already proven successful with one supplement. The Company was refusing to address some supplemental issues, but with help from the National Committee, the Company finally addressed the issues and a tentative agreement was reached and unanimously recommended by the Supplemental negotiating committee."

    V. Summary - This letter from hall portrays a very different hall than just several weeks ago when he stated, "we will not pay $90, we will not pay $9, we will not pay $0.09 for health care". It will be interesting to see what these "Creative Solutions" will be in regard to offsetting healthcare costs.

    Our contract does not appear that it will be settled 22 days from now. (March 31, 2013). I believe that both the company and the Union have a lot to lose if we do not settle this contract early....which still gives a glimmer of hope that it will be settled by the end of March. History has shown that UPS's "Last, Best, and Final Offer" has not always been their "Last, Best, and Final Offer" I urge and support Mr. hall to continue to, not "Blink First" and continue our fight for a fair, strong, and meaningful contract. I do think it is important to remember that we need to judge our contract as a "Total Package" rather than focusing on any one single issue within the contract.

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    I hate to be a cynical bastard and I have the utmost respect for hall, but "creative solutions" sounds like two-tiered health insurance for new hires.

    I hope I'm wrong - this job is :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty enough without expecting people to sling boxes with no hope of the same benefits as their sorter or pick off.
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    your suppose to get better as you get older all i see here is a bunch of greed longer progression ya after waiting 5 8 10 years to go full time that's the funniest thing i every heard full time drivers need to start paying attention to part times needs because when your long gone we'll be the one fighting to keep your pensions intact"Give Up Nothing"ups needs all of us as bad as we need them grow a sack and go out with your boots on
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    I doubt they'll go that route. I'm predicting pushing the benefits off to 18 months single/2 years with dependents effectively eliminating healthcare costs for 90% of future hires with the turnover like it is.