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  1. Bargaining Stalls on Contract Language Improvements

    UPS Demands Givebacks; Will IBT Settle Short?Bargaining on language issues has virtually stalled since UPS introduced its pension proposal last month.

    On top of proposing to break up the Central States Fund, the company has demanded concessions.

    The giveback demands include:

    ♦ lengthening the progression to four years;

    ♦ putting helpers on package cars year-round;

    ♦ reducing the part-time guarantee to three hours;

    ♦ giving management unlimited ability to assign ground deliveries to air drivers.

    These are obvious deal-breakers. The danger is that our negotiators will pull critical language proposals off the table in exchange for getting UPS to withdraw its throwaway demands.

    UPS’s record profits of more than $4.2 billion means that the company can afford to put more money on the table than ever before. But we learned last time that money doesn’t make the “Best Contract Ever.”

    In 2002, Hoffa pointed to the money in the contract—nearly $10 billion—to sell the agreement. Five years later, we’re seeing new danger signs that our union may settle short on key language issues.

    Whether this is true or not I don't know, but if it is....scary. I will vote no for sure. Comments? :confused:1
  2. Cole

    Cole New Member

    Time for some ac in the trucks too! Our diads get ac, but the drivers don't!

    They are not involving the members in true Hoffa form!
  3. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Where did you get this statement? I hope it wasnt tdu, dont believe everything on tdu!

    I would be willing to walk a picket line before agreeing to any of those kickbacks. 4 years to progress, cutting of ptimers hours, helpers year round and air drivers doing grounds, hall will never agree to these!
  4. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    We have ac cole, its called 2f-ing40 heres how you use it. Open 2 doors and go f-ing 40!
  5. mittam

    mittam Member

    Hey Red some things around the country are the same that's the kind of air we have
  6. it came from and you're right I don't think Hall will go for it either, but you just never know either.
  7. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Air Driverder deliver ground packages? LOL Yeah....if they want to pay them the ground rate then I'm cool with that.
  8. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Sure then we can make all package car jobs part time! Then how will you ever go full time?
  9. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    That is a TDU website. we have our monthly meeting tomorrow and i will find out if this is true, and if theres any other offers on the table.
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Umm...What? I'm saying that I would be cool with them letting Air Drivers deliver ground packages as long as they are paid the ground rate. They are trying to make our air drivers pick up ground packages now and we always code 07 for it. They need to understand that a driver is either an Air Driver or a Ground Driver. There should be no "gray area" that allows them to have Air Drivers deliver/pick up packages without being paid correctly. This "exception" crap isn't clearly defined in the contract so it needs to be revised.
  11. mike1646

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    Can the company take another strike?:ohmy:
  12. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    can either side ?
  13. Cole

    Cole New Member

    My brother Red,

    You know I have great respect for you and the brethren in Local 705 who have been there and back, and have and are making a stand for the better, and I am fully aware of the "open door" policy which is the only way we get air in the cabs, but we are in the year 2007 and most trucks have no power steering, nor any real ventilation and most trucks leak badly when it rains which tells us this company's management only cares about their bonuses and nothing about it's work force that keeps everything rolling. (Electronics+water=damage could be why they lost Dell.

    The magmnt have no pr skills and customers that have dealt with them hate them, so we have to always cool them down, and promise better days. OSHA rules say it is unsafe over 110 degrees etc.. yet we have clocked our trucks at roughly 140 degrees, and it is time we demand they deal with it, or we make their dirt a big issue!

    Yes we make descent hourly, but it does my family no good if we are damaged from the excessive heat while mangmnt sits in climate controlled offices whinning about bogus numbers.

    Sorry for going off a bit Red as it's not aimed at you as much as it is the collective body that is greatly effected by mangments greed, so if we sit back and take it, it will keep on as usual. It is time for direct action tactics which this group "leading" our union is incapable of. What price tag does brain damage have? If you get in a sauna or jacuzzi it says to stay in it no longer than 10 minutes which is roughly 110 degrees, our trucks in summer are much hotter, so we are less important than our Diads?!:ohmy:

    They blame the workers but in reality we are working like a generic company, so by mngmnt standards we should take the "s" out and just be UP. We care about the customers but the managorial machine has no clue, and our customers know it. Makes one wonder if they aren't trying to bankrupt it, because they have no clue hw trhe customers define service, and it's not based on our managers bonuses!
  14. 30andout

    30andout New Member

    hall would sell his own mother to save face for the teamsters.
  15. sawdusttv

    sawdusttv Active Member

    I've been telling people, you better open your eyes and ears, because the way things have been going with the teamsters for the last few years, that we are headed for a ROYAL F---ing come 2008. All the signs are there, the teamsters giving the company pretty much whatever they want, turning there backs to contract violations, don't know when the last arbitration case was won by the teamsters, pension cuts to the majority, health care cuts. Bottom line the teamsters have slowly turned over more and more power to the company, to the point that the teamsters have very little bargaining power left. Call a strike you say, Heck, they don't even have the support of there members anymore for the most part.
    We the hourlies don't stand a chance this go around.
    My guess is the teamsters are going to get as much for themselves as they can from the company and leave the UPS employees holding the bag.
    This will be "The next best contract ever" and not many of us can survive another one of those.
  16. Cole

    Cole New Member

    The wont call a strike as imho no one at this time could gain from it. There is no need to call a strike but they need to bring some things into the open a strike is the absolute last resort or should be rather. There are plenty of effective ways to put pressure without calling a strike, you just have to be honest on the issues and have credibility that you will follow through.
  17. badpas

    badpas Member

    Perfect reason to stay informed, keep others informed, do what is nessecary to make sure the worst doesn't happen and we won't have to worry what hall does or doesn't do and the same goes for ups. Our vote is all that we have LETS MAKE IT COUNT. We'll deal with our representation as we can.
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    You used Dell as an example and made the assumption that it was a service issue. Our past record shows that Dell has always come back to us because of our service. Dells earnings shows they are worried about cost and that cost is the reason we lost most of thier business. We have large shippers trying to squeeze us on the cost issue every day. I've been there. I see that happen all the time. So when you bad mouth our efforts to control cost don't forget that we are definitely not the cheapest carrier out there. The only reason we continue to remain competitive is because we provide a superior service and we do everything we can to control cost.
  19. when UPS is making more money than ever, why should we be giving them anything back? If they were in serious trouble or "in the red" that'd be one thing. We make them more and more money, put up with their cut backs and staffing ineptitude and they seemingly want us to be willing to take less. No offense but screw that. I work my butt off everyday doing whatever they ask and if you think I'm taking less than what I'm getting now for my efforts, forget it.

    I want to see a raise (a realistic one based on our work and responsibilities, not just 50 cents) in the PT wage and a bump up to 4hrs (granted I get 5+ on the preload so it doesn't really matter to me so much). If FT is guaranteed 8 we should be guaranteed 4. Anyone I've talked to said its the wages and the "negative reinforcement" that makes them consider leaving or actually doing so. Those problems can be fixed, question is, will they.

    Drivers stay (no offense intended whatsoever guys) because they're better compensated for the BS they put with, sometimes its debatable that its still not enough, but the fact remains a driver will be at 28+ an hour in 2 and half years...a part timer will be at 10/11 you see why we can't keep anyone on the hub sorts, I sure can. Its hot as hell in the hub during the summer as well and they still push us at max speed. I understand they are running a business, but at the same time when you think about it, if you don't need the benefits or school money, who would work here (other than those who want to go driving)? PTimers can make that money (considerably more in most cases) anywhere else. With a new home depot and walmart opening up its no surprise that our application pool has dried up around here.
  20. browniehound

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    My question is, why the heck would you want air-conditioning in the trucks? To me it would bother me to get in and out of the cool air to the hot air. Once I work up a sweat the heat doesn't bother me. Yes, I know it can be 120 in the back of the truck, but you shouldn't be in there for more than 12.5 seconds anyway:w00t: