Contract PT Pay vs FedEx now

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by WTFm8, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    FedEx signs for the past couple months in my area. $14.25-15.75/hr... plus $1 incentive from July 29th-September 29th.

    Eligable for raise in 6 months.

    But $13 to start at UPS and $15.50 to start in 5 years is fine...? Pricing theirselves out of workforce from the start.

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  2. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    How about insurance, vacation and pension?
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  3. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    90 days for paid medical, dental and vision benefits. 6 months for paid time off, 11 paid holidays per year.

    No mention of a pension but a lot of PT people don't care about a pension.

    "As part of our commitment to our people, FedEx Ground offers a group benefit program where monthly premiums are 100% paid by the Company.

    Employees are eligible for extended health and dental coverage after 90 days of service. Additionally, employees are also provided an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)."

    "Paid Time Off
    All package handler employees, including seasonal package handlers, are entitled to both vacation time and vacation pay.

    All package handlers and seasonal package handlers will begin accruing vacation time upon hire. Package handlers and seasonal package handlers will be eligible to begin taking paid time off after six months of continuous service. Vacation time is credited on the 15th of each month.

    Holiday Pay
    Employees are eligible for 11 paid holidays a year.

    Tuition Reimbursement
    Package handler employees* are eligible for the program after sixty (60) calendar days following their hire date.

    Reimbursement Limit: $1,500.00 per calendar year (for eligible expenses)

    *Seasonal package handler employees are not eligible for the tuition reimbursement program. However, seasonal package handler service time will be counted if employment continues."
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  4. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    There are lots of jobs that have a higher start rate, and have bennies that kick in sooner. Here in CA, In-N-Out Burger is a better paying part time job than UPS on day one. Problem with this argument is there is a point that the UPS compensation package blows by most other service type jobs.

    PT people not caring about a pension IMO is a mistake. A lot of part time employees may not necessarily see themselves working at UPS long enough to eventually retire, but end up staying that long. I myself had this outlook on the job. Took a preload job while attending college. No way was I staying until retirement. Flash forward 32 years, I'm now retired from UPS. I'd bet if you did a survey of employees that have 20+ years in, the majority would tell you they never expected to work at UPS as long as they have.

    To me, UPS was never about what you started out with, but what you ended up with. When I left, I was making $100,000+, had full medical no copays free prescriptions, 9 weeks vacation annually, sick days, union protection, and a pension/finish line. No burger joint, hardware store, or even FedEx have that potential.

    All that being said, UPS needs to step up to a decent starting wage.
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  5. watdaflock?

    watdaflock? Well-Known Member

  6. Shift Inhibit

    Shift Inhibit He who laughs last didn't get it.

    9 weeks of vacation?!
  7. Operational needs

    Operational needs Virescit Vulnere Virtus

    Eleven holidays!?!? WTF?!
  8. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    Yes. One of those is called option week B. It's your birthday and day after combined with your 2 floating holidays and they throw in the 5th day. Vacations are 6 weeks at 10yrs, 7 weeks at 20yrs, 8 weeks at 25yrs, and 9 weeks at 30yrs. 9 weeks is the top. This is in NorCal.
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  9. And you probably have to work all 9 weeks of your vacation just to live there.
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  10. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    Nope, never in 32 years did I work a day I didn't have to. Never cashed in a vacation or sick day.

    The California myth continues....
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  11. How do you afford to live out there?
  12. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I think that's from a bankers application lol
  13. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Bought a bunch of bitcoin 5 years ago.
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  14. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    Just fine. Bought my first home as a preloader @20 years old. Got in at the bottom with a $100,000 home in '89. Parlayed that up and up using California's home value appreciation. I have a pretty modest home compared to most UPSers I hang out with. Some of their homes are amazing. People gotta stop buying into the myth about what it's like here. I've traveled to most states, and wouldn't leave for any of them, except Hawaii. If I could afford Hawaii, I'd move there tomorrow! Lol.
  15. Hopefully he didn't hang on to it.
  16. Those Damn pesky mudslide, earthquakes and Forrest fires....other than that...
  17. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    No, never bought into bitcoin.
  18. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    Sure, but some of us use some common sense and buy a home in low risk areas. No forest near my house, not living on a hill or cliff where a mudslide might happen. Sure, there's the occasional quake, but I was at Candlestick in the upper deck for the '89 quake, it's doable. I'll risk that for amazing weather and no twisters, hurricanes, or just plain boring.
  19. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I live in Illinois and California is probably the one state I wouldn't move to. Lmao
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  20. I'm glad it's working out for you