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    On it's saying that the contract has passed. Here's the press release.
    Current Press Releases UPS Contract with Teamsters Ratified

    WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 19, 2007 - The International Brotherhood of Teamsters today notified UPS (NYSE:UPS) that a new contract covering approximately 240,000 UPS employees has been certified approved and ratified.
    The ratification came as five local supplemental or rider agreements received approval in a second round of employee voting. Last month, the UPS National Master Agreement was approved by 65% of the voting employees.
    The master contract was negotiated nearly a year in advance of the current contract's expiration on July 31, 2008, and will extend contract coverage to July 31, 2013.
    "We are excited to learn that everything now is in place to implement our agreement with the Teamsters," said Mike Eskew, UPS's chairman and CEO. "This agreement helps to ensure that UPS is well positioned for success in the coming years."
    The new contract includes wage increases as well as significant contributions to healthcare and pension plans to help strengthen these benefits for employees. The agreement allows UPS to withdraw employees from the Central States multi-employer pension plan and to establish a jointly trusteed, single-employer plan for this group. UPS will make a pre-tax $6.1 billion payment to the Central States plan on Dec. 26, 2007, in connection with its withdrawal.
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    Not Local 705 or Local 710.......YET
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    How was the 804 contract ratified on December 18th if your ballot had to be postmarked no later than 10:00 a.m. December 18th ???? Something smells fishy in here. I think both parties should be investigated, I think they are BOTH hiding something...
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    That we have no proof of, and hundreds and hundreds of ballots in transit on their way to be counted as we got word it was ratified.
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    The second vote count had about 1,000 less ballots counted than the first one. Hazmatman, these are one of the things we have no control over. If someone really wanted it passed(or some people), guess what?
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    It gets passed. 804, did you hear the part-timers are losing their benefits, they will have to pay into it with no dental coverage whatsoever?? This coming after ratification of the contract. Our co-pays went up, when do we stop saying we get great benefits at UPS???
  7. Thats because we pay great wages to our part timers, we have to make cuts somewhere...wait the starting wage hasn't been raised more than 50 cents in over 20 years....hmmmm ummm no comment. :surprised: