CONTRACT settled by the weekend??

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    Union Remains Firm About October 1 Deadline

    September 28, 2007

    The following is an update from hall, Director of the Teamsters Parcel and Small Package Division:

    I'm happy to report that we have made significant progress this week at UPS-Teamster national contract negotiations in Chicago.

    We are cautiously optimistic that a tentative agreement could be reached this weekend.

    We remain adamant about reaching an agreement by October 1st.

    Please watch for updates throughout the weekend at the Teamster web site and at the toll-free hotline, 1-866-461-8881.
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    they saw my post about the rapidly falling $
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    Hope it's true !!
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    Wall Street Journal had a similar headline under UPS News.........
    [$$] UPS, Teamsters Near Pension Dealat The Wall Street Journal Online (Fri 8:08pm)

    You have to register to read it, and I didn't want to.
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    Here's a portion of it.....

    UPS, Teamsters Near Pension Deal

    By Corey Dade
    Word Count: 371 | Companies Featured in This Article: United Parcel Service, General Motors
    United Parcel Service Inc. and the Teamsters union are closing in on a labor agreement that would restructure and possibly lower the company's pension obligations.
    The two sides are trying this weekend to finish hammering out a deal in which the Atlanta package-delivery giant would pull out of the Central States Pension Fund, the largest multiemployer program in the trucking industry. The program, which is underfunded by about 51%, would lose its biggest contributor, but ...

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    From Reuters...........
    UPS expects agreement with Teamsters by Monday Sat Sep 29 19:54:45 UTC 2007

    CHICAGO, Sept 29 (Reuters) - United Parcel Service Inc <UPS.N> said on Saturday it may reach an agreement with its unionized U.S. drivers as early as Monday.
    "The Teamsters have set a goal of completing the talks and getting a tentative agreement by Monday," said Norman Black, UPS spokesman. "We do believe it's possible that we will be done by then."
    UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have been in negotiations since Monday in Chicago and talked further on Saturday, Black said.
    Pension security for employees is one of the items under discussion, he said.
    "I cannot go into any details about the specifics of the proposals," Black said.
    UPS and the union representing some 250,000 workers kicked off negotiations in September 2006 for a new deal to replace a six-year contract set to expire in August 2008. That contract is the largest labor pact in the U.S. private sector.
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    Why are they so hung up on getting it settled by October 1st??? We the workers still have to vote on it, AND there is a chance it could be rejected by us.. My prescriptions just went from 3 dollars to 10 dollars, my doctor co-pay went from 5 dollars to 10 dollars. The pension is in trouble, I don't make enough money per hour, I hear they want more givebacks than ever, unless they could fix all of this I am voting NO!!
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    The benefits at UPS are quite good. Ask around and you will find most people paying a lot more for their health coverage.
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    Unless there is a 25 and out with 2500 at any age with benefits Im voting no. Anyone that makes it to 25 yrs delivering packages with this outfit should be rewarded!
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    HazMat.....There's some kind January 2008 money penalty to be I think they want the contract in place, approved by the members and ready by this January date. I can't remember what the penalty is about, but the Jan. '08 date sticks in my head from reading about it somewhere.

    Maybe somebody else can supply the specifics.....
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    Your absolutely right, my benefits are better than most people, so when could I start to bitch?? when the co-pay hits 20 dollars?? 30 dollars?? when the prescription goes up another 300 percent?? Yes I am grateful for my good benefits, but it's always us little guys that get squeezed..
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    You are so correct Bill....
    In this time of wear and tear on the body lifting 150lbs and the constant repetitive motions on all of your joints, I also think you should be rewarded.

    hazmat man- Mets are you serious?
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    From this day forward (09/29/07) Mets will not lose another game until they have won the world series..
  15. This still won't do many of us any good if we don't get dependant health coverage. As is stands right now, I could retire at 50 with 27 years of driving, but only my wife and I would have insurance. I will need to work at least 6 more years to keep my children covered. This should be an important topic for many drivers to think about considering many people are waiting later in life to start a family than did previous generations.
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    UPS would have to start putting in 8% a year more just to get up to 80% funded by 2015 I think. That's why they want this pension deal done now. UPS will save money in the long run after they put in 4-6 billion in now.
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    you really think the mets are going to win? are you crazy? my angels are going to win the world series !!!!!
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    Good luck to your Angels, and yes I am crazy.
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    Yes he is crazy and you can put down the pipe please :)
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    lol they lost enough in the past 2 weeks to last them for a year lol