Contract talks ... any news? C'mon feeder fill us in!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brownboxman, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. brownboxman

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    Any news worth repeating?
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  4. Brownslave688

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    I think we will hear something when it happens. I mean do we all really think if something huge happens we won't hear about it?
  5. ocnewguy

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    Last union meeting our BA said not to expect any news till february at the earliest. I'm sure rumors will start flying pretty soon
  6. superballs63

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    No WAY we can let the company get away with that, it's total crap!
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    You guys have good Universal Translators. Mine needs to be updated....
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    . I kept hitting reload. Thought my iPhone was screwed up.
  9. anonymous4

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    Two-tiered pay structure for drivers only, coupled with a longer progression. Bet the house on it.

  10. Gumby

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    I keep hearing year round helpers!!!! That will never fly........ If you vote for that you justed voted yourself out of a job!!!!!!!!!!
  11. anonymous6

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    I heard yesterday that Hoffa and hall said " This time we are going to ENFORCE the contract."
  12. uber

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    Would the two-tiered wage system only effect those drivers hired after the contract?
  13. anonymous4

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    That's a question only UpstateNYUPSer can answer.
  14. JohnHatton

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    I heard they were going to up the starting wage to $12.00/h (11.00 for 90 days, then $1.00 raise)

    And anyone below that would get bumped up.
    If its true, it sucks for the people who have been here for 5 years.

    Who knows. Rumors are rumors.
  15. ocnewguy

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    Only way i see that happening is an option for people that don't want the insurance. Which then it should be 15/hr or so IMO. I find it extremely hard to believe either way...would be a welcome sight on my paycheck though. All us part-timers have are dreams...
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  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    IMO this would be the only fair way to do it.

    You make it sound as though I want this---I don't but I am also realistic enough to know that something needs to be done to address the wage differential between UPS and Ground. Lower starting wage, longer progression and lower top out ($5/hr or so below top rate) would, over time, help to make us more competitive with Ground.
  17. bottomups

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    If you are already in progression, you most likely would be grandfathered in under the current contract. There would have to be language in any new contract along the lines of "As of ratification of this new labor agreement, any new hires with a starting date of 8/01/2013 or later will be screwed with a lower top rate of pay along with a 20 year progression to reach same."
  18. anonymous4

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    Yes, what about us part timers who have been here waiting for a driving gig for a decade. Throw us under the bus too? The only way this should even be a thought is if it applies to NEW HIRES, PERIOD. At least they know what they are coming into. Thousands of us have been anxiously awaiting a driving job and have put in the time; for our brothers to allow something like that to take place would be the biggest turd the union has come up with to date.
  19. av8torntn

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    If the reason for a lower wage was to make UPS competitive then we would also see management, executives, and the management committee members also reduce their total compensation also don't you think?
  20. anonymous4

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    I think the counter-point would be management are already making industry standard or below for their respective position while drivers are "overpaid" (compared to our Fedex counterparts). Apparently being the best of the best and being compensated as such is something to be so shameful for, even some of our union members feel they don't deserve what they are paid. No, wait.. it is more like current drivers who make what they are worth, feel new drivers don't deserve the same rate of pay they have enjoyed. Meanwhile these same people would not even entertain the idea of a pay cut for themselves.

    So, UpstateNYUPSer, since you are the main advocate of this idea (on the forum), would 22.3 also take a pay cut or would they jump ahead of drivers in pay rate?