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    There are several threads in this forum that discuss the possibility of a strike action against UPS. All things considered, I would like to suggest once again that there are more SECURE and EFFECTIVE ways to get our point across to Atlanta that should first be considered before we consider a strike. Force is no longer the only attribute you must have to be successful in today's modern society, you must also be smarter than your "opponent". In this case, we do not want to "kill" our "opponent", we simple want to make him understand and compromise on issues that will ultimately benefit us both......

    If contract negotiations fail and the IBT needs our support, I suggest that we first implement a "Brown-Out". A form of this Union work action was used in the 1936 Akron Rubber "sit down" against Goodyear. Akron Rubber Strike of 1936 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . This secure form of work action can be combined with an effective PR campaign that once again focuses on the low paid, part-time work force of UPS.

    Remember, UPS is a SERVICE related business and cannot ship your jobs to China, Mexico, etc....

    Definition of a Brown-Out - Brownout (electricity) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (hopefully you will understand the analogy)
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    You do know that all of the big rubber companies moved out of Akron to the south for cheaper labor?? That's when all of our friends went on welfare.

    You left out "the rest of the story".
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    No one wants to to kill the golden goose the IBT members just want a share . How do you tell a part time worker holding holding down two jobs and driving Saturday airs with a very sick spouse and three kids they need to pay $90.00 a week for family benefits while a manager is paying their kids college tuition with their stock bonuses dividends ? Should the pt'er go on welfare? Last time I looked the company is healthy and making money and a large part of that is the workers.
    PS Both of the situations I have sited are real and I know the people first hand.
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    PT Stewie, first off, that manager has already been paying roughly 90/month for family benefits for a long time now. Also, FT Mgr's barely make much more then what has been quoted as FT Feeder driver salaries. A portion of their salary is in the form of stock. Just like any investment, if you hold onto it that investment can grow over the years and be worth more. Many if not most of those FT mgrs work longer hours (both at the facilities and back at home reviewing emails and paperwork etc). They have no "union" protection in case they make a mistake. Also, I'm willing to bet the Mgr you sited I am willing to bet he\she is minimum 50 years old and has been a mgr for a good chunk of those years. The stock has done well recently, but for a long time it hasn't. Stock owned prior to the IPO doubled overnight and I'm willing to bet a good chunk of the stock he is selling now is from that time period.

    Also, who would ever think, that a FT mgr at UPS who works 50+ hours each week that is in charge of probably 40-100 total employees makes more then a person who holds two PT jobs of which the UPS job only requires a HS Diploma. Oh yeah.. everyone would.
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    Fairly certain this would be illegal under the CBA's no strike/no work stoppage clause. IBT/individual locals could be held liable for economic damages. Granted, an illegal strike is only illegal if you lose..

    However, union safety campaigns are entirely LEGAL. Work-to-rule for reasons of safety are entirely legitimate and effective; imagine if the entire bargaining unit utilized every UPS method on the book to slow down the operation to a crawl for a day. The PR would write itself: "UPS Teamsters, with the company threatening to force them to pay insurance premiums and reduce their health benefits, have taken it upon themselves to work as safely as possible in all UPS operations across the country."
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    Im in. It is already what I do and they hate me for it. I have said to many of my fellow UPSers, work it textbook, like they are in your truck filming the training video. PPH is the last thing I am thinking of when i am working. Utilize equipment, EGRESS and handling!
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    Not Really....

    "Remember, UPS is a SERVICE related business and cannot ship your jobs to China, Mexico, etc...." Goodyear was a PRODUCT related business....

    Read more:
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    Yes....a legal "slowdown" (for safety purposes of course) was what I was trying to imply.... just trying to suggest alternatives to a strike which would benefit us all..
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    And because UPS is a SERVICE company, then maybe you should just borrow the "moves" of other service-company unions and not product related unions........oh, and back then I think itwas the U.R.C.L.P.W.A.....on High St.
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    The Teamsters Union cannot organize any such job action and will openly discourage it. Teamster Stewards cannot organize, encourage, or participate in any such job action.

    However we cannot control the actions of individuals acting on their own or in concert with each other.
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    Good for the managers bless them . Now tell me about the pt'er needing the benefits . Answer the question are they to go backward? Give back everything while the company is making money ? Or go on welfare?