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    I know it is way to early to discuss contracts, but I did hear they will start negotiations in the next month or so to get a jump on it. Has anybody heard anything. I keep hearing, about no raises for first year and give all raises to people hired in the first couple of years to reach parity.
    Also heard that p/t's are going back to 3 hour gurantee instead of 3 1/2
    I know this is all BS, I'm sure, but trying to get some feelers out there.
    What does concern me is that Scott Davis wanted Hoffa Jr to negotiate this contract before Hoffa retires. In other words, Davis wants to screw the employees one more time and Hoffa will allow it after Davis gives him 10 million bucks and bends over and says, Thank you sir, may I please have another.:strikesmileys:
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The early start to negotiations has nothing to do with anyone screwing anyone---it is done so that our shippers can be sure that there will no work stoppage in 2013.
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    Yea, that's it.
    Trust me Nancy, UPS will do all they can to screw the Teamsters.
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    I'm thinking we'll have a contract demands meeting sometime in april, by august they'll be talking for sure. Take the next month thinking about what's important to you and take the time to attend the demands meeting. We've got at least 12 months of rumors,propaganda and threats ahead of us all before it's thru.JMO
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    We've got at least 12 months of rumors,propaganda and threats ahead of us all before it's thru.JMO[/QUOTE]

    Oh Boy, here we go again! I was shocked in my building as to the number of employees that HAVE NOT been through this! They are in for some fun!
  6. brown_trousers

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    Ugh, if its anything like the last contract, all we have to look forward to is UPS doing everything they can to give us little-to-nothing, and then the teamsters negotiators agreeing to it
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    Vote no no no no no know matter what for the first offer. Send a message we are sick of the crap.
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    The idea that we aren't going to get raises is laughable. UPS is making billions of dollars a quarter the teamster wouldn't even give that any consideration.

    Next time your going to start some rumors about contract negotiations that haven't even started yet please make them believable.
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    I might get some flack for this. I am fine with 30 bucks an hour. My biggest fear is that UPS is going to price themselves out of the market. We are already using more rails for trailers than ever, because it is cheaper. We are having the post office deliver tons of our volume because it is cheaper....If we keep getting raises, we will only be left with irregs left to deliver, since the post office will be cheaper. We need this contract to focus on integrity and morals. Giving out warning letters because of how a driver closes a bulkhead door is ridiculous. Not honking a horn at a resi stop. Walking in front of the package car to do a delivery. Warning letters for BS is what I would like to see addressed. We are held to high integrity standards as drivers, yet most managers have NO integrity.
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    What part of UPS making Billions of dollars a QUARTER don't you understand. Don't worry UPS isn't going to price themselves out of the market if you don't pay attention if one carrier raise there prices that other one follows.

    How do you thing you got to be making $30 hr. It wasn't because we said we didn't want are raises. You need to realize that once you give something up you will never get it back. The post off is going broke.

    As for following the methods that is what we get paid to do. You get paid $30 hr to follow the rules and deliver packages safely each day. Do you need top make more money in order to follow the rules or is it you just don't like to follow rules.
  11. yeldarb

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    What I know is we have lost 15 feeder runs in 3 years to Union Pacific. We deliver a butt load to the post office. Fed X is already cheaper on alot of shipments, and UPS acknowledges that. You can only sell "superior service" so much. I get that we profited 2 billion. Lets get us some new package cars, and focus on the part timers who should be getting more than 8.50. I am sorry you feel making 30 bucks an hour isnt good enough, but what about all the part timers? When I started, I was covered in 30 days. Now, they have to wait 18 months to have their family covered. 2 billion profits...You dont see a problem with that? Starting wage in '85 was 8 bucks an hour.
  12. yeldarb

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    One more thing, I thought I was following the methods. I didnt realise I had to FACE the bulkhead door when closing it. I wasnt taught that in training 15 years ago. With telematics, they need to start making nit picky rules, because the rules that were getting broken 10 years ago, (bulk head door, seat belt, recording in diad while idleing/recording) arent an issue any more. You might think you are the method man, but UPS will only invent a new rule to discipline you on.
  13. DS

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    Brad buddy,you must have a new center manager:obeyhypnosmiley:

    C'mon man,you've been around a long time.

    Just do your job .They can't touch you.

    Oh yea this thread is about the new contract....I suggest 30 cents an hour every 6 months over 5 years
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    DS, He has been the longest tenured center manager I have ever had, and I actually get along with him. From what I understand it is coming from Division levels. Like all things UPS, February through May gets silly because volume is down, and they are looking for things to enforce.
  15. menotyou

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    center manager's are mere puppets. A dying breed, I believe. They have my center manager covering 2 buildings now. No choice was given to him. He has worked here since he was 19. He's 45. What's he going to do?
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    Very true!
  17. 728ups

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    I couldn't agree more. I'd glady forego a raise the next 5 years to A) raise part time pay to an acceptable level B) Get the benefits back to them and their families after 30 days.
  18. yeldarb

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    Just to clarify what message I was responding to. I do try and follow the methods. I have had 1 warning letter in 15 years, (not counting a couple for minor scrapes on package car). You say I get paid 30.00 to follow the rules. These rules that are being enforced now weren't rules 5 years ago. Honk at every stop. Having to put a cone in front of your package car by the bumper when doing a delivery. Folding your mirror in while doing a delivery so a passing vehicle wont hit it. Facing the bulkhead door while closing it, so you wont injure your shoulder. Never walking in front of your package car. I understand "being safe", but there is a difference between what is safe, and what is silly. I love my job. I always have. I try to give 100% effort everyday for my company, and for my customers. I try and do these methods that I might consider silly, but I am not perfect with it, I can only try. I am just fortunate I am not one of the drivers who has observations several times a week, because everyone messes up something every day. Even you UPSguy72. ;)
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    I wouldn't agree to any wage concessions!! I made more when top pay was 23.17 an hour, at least it went a lot further. We need shorter contracts. We a front loaded contract just to catch up with inflation . How many things have found to be lacking from last contract. The failure to follow methods and procedures was one of the worst!! I don't want to have to wait 5 years to have an opportunity to fix it. Besides we shouldn't negotiate early we need to put pressure on them.
    Best deal will be made in summer 2013. If sign this Xmas we will get screwed.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Keep in mind that FedEx Ground is not RPS--they are much better positioned to hande diverted freight--which is why I feel it is essential to get this one done early.