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  1. Just got an email with an update. Not sure if its a regional thing or common knowledge yet, I know there were rumors.

    Contract update!

    As anticipated by the Teamsters, UPS has a contract proposal on the table in which it is proposed that we pay a weekly copay for H&W benefits. $30 for individual coverage, $60 for member plus one and $90 for family coverage. This would also increase by 10% per year for the life of the contract.

    The Teamsters will not accept ANY copay for our benefit

    Let your Supervisor know that neither will you. Tell them you stand behind your union. Profits in the billions is proof positive that they can afford to continue to provide benefits.

    Here are some of the details

    For full-timers, that’s like losing $2.25 an hour in the first year. For part-timers guaranteed 17.5 hours a week, that’s $5.14 an hour in the first year. By the end of the contract, you would be paying nearly $7,000 more a year, or over $130 a week.That’s $3.32 an hour for a full-time worker in the final year of the contract. For part-timers, the cost is $7.53 an hour. Over the life of the agreement, it will cost you nearly $30,000.

    We are planning a response to let UPS know how we feel. Stand up with your union in opposition of this contract proposal and let UPS know we will not accept cuts in pay and benefits while they take raises and post massive profits. UPS made $4.38 billion in net profits last year. That surpasses their record year of 2007.

    Wear Teamster gear or black to work and put your uniform on just before start time. Other non-disruptive displays of our solidarity on this issue will be scheduled in the near future.

    See your stewards for all of the details.
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    ill make a co-pay when I get a $10 an hr raise...until then...tuff doodo
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    Start telling the company you are will to go 1997 on them again over this if you have to. You should have been saving your money already but tell them you are preparing for a strike per your unions advice. This isn't far fetched and preparing for this and letting them know as well as your coworkers is in YOUR best interests.
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    I'm not surprised...but upset by this anyways. Status quo would be just fine by me. And part timers getting a bump.
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    I don't want to!!!!!!
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    any thing we hear right know is rumors unless it coming directly from a person in the negotiations...
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    Start putting a few $$ extra away each week people, it may be on.
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    It feels on, doesn't it?!

    Hourlies have worked their :censored2: off. Mgmt has put in countless hours trying to implement every hair-brained idea (I read on a financial forum that MIP will be 1.2 this year) and UPS wants to squeeze from both ends.
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    Yeah-if you put like ten bucks a week away you should have about one day of wages by deadline. Lol. (Hidden message is people should have started saving when last contract was ratified).
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    Yup, we're a-strikin' fer sherr. Rah, rah. I've never fully understood going into a negotiation with one side saying 'we will give nothing.' It's only February, and we're not even sure we can fully understand what long-term effect ObamaCare will have on our UPS provided health care. The company has offered their numbers (equivalent to roughly 1-3 hours a week), we have offered ours ($0.00, +/- $0.00). The end result, like everybody else, will eventually be somewhere in between. It's a bitter pill, to be sure, but welcome to the future.

    Most of us full-timers have some room, but the numbers for the part-timers are downright frightening. Preload for a $3/hr net paycheck? Pass.

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    Got the same thing... Day of action coming up....

    The IBT sent out an Email to Union Leadership today asking us to share this with Union Stewards and Union members.

    IBT Talking Points For UPS Teamster Stewards

    Our National Negotiating Committee led by General Secretary-Treasurer hall has made progress at the bargaining table.

    Issues important to us are being addressed, such as:

    Harassment, including:

    - Adequate staffing levels and enforcement

    - Strengthening 9.5 language

    - Addressing the use of technology


    - Limiting the use of the U.S. Postal Service

    - Adding protections so more work goes to package drivers

    Addressing issue of overweight and oversized packages

    Strengthening pensions


    - More full-time opportunities

    - Increasing the starting wage rate

    The company is going to try to sway you and convince you to accept a contract that is less than what is fair.

    We all need to be united and engaged, or the company will win.

    The Company Health Care Proposal would cost our Members:

    - For full-timers, that’s $2.25 an hour in the first year. For part-timers guaranteed 17.5 hours a week, that’s $5.14 an hour in the first year.

    - By the end of the contract, you would be paying nearly $7,000 more a year, or over $130 a week.

    - That’s $3.32 an hour for a full-time worker in the final year of the contract. For part-timers, the cost is $7.53 an hour.

    - Over the life of the agreement, it will cost you nearly $30,000.

    - For those of you in company plans, you will be paying those increased costs for drastically reduced benefits.

    - The company is whining that most Americans pay for their health insurance.

    But we can’t buy into their spin.

    Yes, most Americans pay a portion of their health insurance. But most Americans don’t work for one of the most profitable companies in the world.

    UPS made $4.38 billion in net profits last year. That surpasses their record year of 2007.

    How do you think they got there? You. UPS needs to reward the people who make them profitable.

    We’re not going to roll over. We are going to show the company that their proposal to take away our health care is unacceptable.

    We’re going to mobilize. There will be a National Day of Action on Thursday, Feb. 21. The IBT is going to send us stickers to wear.

    The company thinks they can get away with attacking our health care. We won’t let them.

    We’re putting the company on notice that record profits mean a fair contract.
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    All Part Timers need a bump in pay not just new hires. The part time work force would be a joke if their pay was cut even more than it already is. UPS would have to beg people to work for them for crumbs
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Get your head out if the sand this is coming straight from the negotiating table.
  15. Dracula

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    Future? Maybe. But not now. If we cave on insurance now, let the slide begin. It makes no difference if most Americans pay for their insurance. Our company isn't hurting. I would much rather take a minimal raise than give anything up insurance related. If we give up on the insurance now, it won't take long before are insurance becomes crap.
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    /looks at what happened to PT sup benefits over the past 5 years...

    I can fully agree with this statement. I have paid $80 a week for family coverage. If I chose the cheaper of the 2 plans, I would pay $16...but I would never see the insurance company pay a penny considering the huge deductibles and out-of-pocket amounts....and this is on an income that is maybe only a third of what top-pay drivers make...

    While my sympathy levels for you guys having to pay for benefits are pretty low, this doesn't change the fact that I agree that you should be fighting having to pay for them when our company is MORE than doing just fine....
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    Speaking of stupid...start by learning to quote properly, then continue by learning how not to respond like an ass.

    Why would I say that? Because some people are all too eager to hit the picket line in August, and that is exactly where we are guaranteed to be with a 'give nothing' mentality. And as much as it sucks, few of us would be financially ruined if we lose a bit.

    The 'line in the sand' won't mean crap if a costly strike puts us into long-term trouble.

    If the union says we're striking, then I will be out there earning my $35/week just like every body else here. But it's not something that should be celebrated.

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    And why should we GIVE anything when UPS is MAKING record profits? Logic would be that since they are MAKING more that we should MAKE more. I want UPS to make even more money. nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong with giving when they are at record profits.

    Lets hope that UPS feels the same way. A line has to be drawn. Whenever anyone gambles, bids or negotiates anything they are wise to have a line drawn on what they are willing to pay.

    Standing for what is right with your brothers IS something to celebrate when it is the right thing to do.

    The brothers before me that striked in 97' should be celebrated for what they accomplished.

    Did I do ok with my quotes sir?

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    O shhh imma hafta get my scab whacker ready.
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