Cops: Man threatened to set boss on fire

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    Cops: Man threatened to set boss on fire - CT Post

    A former United Parcel Service employee was arrested shortly after midnight Thursday after police said he threatened to set his boss on fire.

    Police charged Cleavon Summers, Jr., 19, of Pixlee Place in Bridgeport with second-degree threatening and breach of peace.

    Police said Summers admitted to threatening his former boss. He told an officer he became very angry when he was denied time off from work that he had requested, police said.
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    Ahhh StrCt worker,,gottah love it !! Moron !! Should of just banged in !!
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    Must be something in the contract about not setting your boss on fire.
  4. menotyou

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    I think it was the accelerant that was illegal. Should have just used a flame-thrower.
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    Employee must of thought this is Mexico. Borderland Beat - Policeman in Juarez burned to death
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    "Left the property on foot?"

    Seriously, Stratford is a damn fortress; you can't get in or out without running across someone in a shack or a uniform with a badge. How did this guy just "leave on foot" after doing all this damage?
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    This is a hot story.