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  1. Here’s a prediction for you guys. In the next two weeks, the Deep South states are going to get blasted. Having a huge daily increase in infected.
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    Wilson1397 Half the lies they tell about me aren't true!!

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    Why? Are you demwits in big city hell holes trying to relocate here?
  4. Your numbers prove you wrong. 10-19 years old 0.2% is dying. You can MASK it anyway you want. 348 dead, almost 27,000 infected.
  5. All you Covid 19 deniers, show the media it’s a hoax! Attend church today!

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    I would like too..but that is another story...:soapbox:

    Believe it or not I had plans to go to Sicily in April, bought the tickets back in December last year. That went to hades in a hand basket quickly.

    Guessing by April Italy will be closing their borders from flights from the USA as we go through "Hell".. :sneezing:
  7. The WH is now back tracking the the virus will be gone in April. They’ve extended it to June. The best part is the WH is having open enrollment for ACA. You can’t make this stuff up.
  8. The Trump supporters won’t like this, but ACA is cheaper than union dues.
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  9. 414 dead Americans. 32,000 infected. And Covid19 denier Rand Paul is now infected!
  10. 458 dead, over 35,000 infected. The numbers are rising astronomically.
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  12. 100 dead in a 24 hour period a record. 522 dead total. 42,000 infected. This is once again, just those tested. What a hoax?
  13. Trump just admitted will lose about 50,000. His penchant for dishonesty, I’ll stick with 500,000.
  14. That is the only thing drivers have to buy "Oh My Socks!!" That's why its the only thing complained about. Any my paycheck makes me happy :) Considering the amount of people out of work before this virus, I think my job at UPS is pretty sweet. But I don't expect everything for nothing. Work hard and at least my paycheck shows it and its better than being in that unemployment line that so many people are in these days.
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    It's only dishonest if he actually new the correct number but since he doesn't everything is a guess. All depends on whether the medical system crashes like Italy's.
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    We could survive the virus epidemic and mollify Trump this way: Appoint ex-President Obama to handle the big problems - the response to the coronavirus and steps to bolster the economy. President Obama has the experience. He handled the Ebola virus and he helped the U.S. recover from Bush's Great Recession.

    That would free up Trump to do the things he does best - speaking at pep rallies, tweeting insults, name-calling, watching Fox News and repreating talking points.

    President Obama could be let go after saving America again and Trump could claim credit for everything being solved.
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    I would suggest former President Clinton and former President Carter as co counsel.
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    Or we could just appoint Governor Cuomo as potus until further notice.
  20. 588 dead Americans, 48,000 plus infected. Yes America Donald J Trump has failed America!
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