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    I'm sure a lot of people had to look up what a meat wallet is.
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    Wouldn't that generally be referring to @MyTripisCut 's sister? Been drinking tonight and could be mistaken.
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  3. 60 dead now.
  4. Your facility must be different. I see plenty of overweight brown drivers.
  5. UPS and the Union are going to be one of those businesses that isn’t shutting down until coronavirus hits the company. That philosophy hasn’t worked well for other business.
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    2% death rate now in the USA. Surely to fall a lot as more people are tested
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    The numbers got skewed in the beginning from one nursing home in Washington
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    My date on Saturday said I tasted a little like the corona virus. Should I get tested?

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    None of the major couriers are going to shut down. The transportation of goods (national and international) is "Numero Uno" in a "Natural Emergency".

    Just study the strike in "97"..two weeks of our inactivity was affecting the national economy and destroying the capabilities of the other couriers, we are a lot bigger now.

    Forget about layoffs, all people on board. These projected testing kits and toilet paper, etc have to be transported by somebody, Santa and the elfs only works in December...

    "Work Smarter not Harder" and protect yourselves, it is really up to each individual, and any victim rights entitlements has been temporary suspended. We are all in this together...
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    i still dont got it or 90 rolls of tp
  11. And of course more will test positive.
  12. Czar Trump has been fudging the numbers of both infected and dead. It’s an election year.
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    like h1n1
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    Surprising low when you compare it to regular flu mortality. Let's hope the numbers keep that way.
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    Remember how it was a non issue for the media? How many died?
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    Better to sell it and buy the good stuff
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    Italy death toll is at 1,809.
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    Should be some nice real estate deals there the next few years.
  20. 62 dead now. This is just beginning. I’ll say it, 500,000 will die because of the guy who paints himself orange.