Corp gives in to turkeys and awards

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by airbusfxr, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. airbusfxr

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    Thanks to Local2727, the company will be reinstating all turkey, years of service and safety awards to ALL union members throughout the company around the country. This benefit was taken from every union member while MIP was flowing freely, now the company has to reward us with a little token of appreciation. I do hope everyone will donate their turkey to their local food bank. The mediator has told both UPS and Local2727 to return to the table Oct 25 to resume talks. UPS takes away from the little people, but unions fight for us. Local 2727 has been without a contract since 2006 and it is time for us to receive a fair contract that rewards us for our dedicated service.
  2. FracusBrown

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    One local won a case and the company is going to give turkeys and years of service awards to the entire company? Why would they do that?
  3. BrownSuit

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    They probably took something that they were going to give back anyway and decided to use it as part of the negotiations. That way local 2727 can claim credit and it looks like they are getting something meaningful from collective bargaining.

    I know I'm going to get negative rep'd for this one, but felt like responding rather cynically to the OP. I can appreciate the position they are in, but don't see how getting the Turkey back is going to do anything to help with a contract or why one would even feel like it's a victory.
  4. FracusBrown

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    I would assume the turkeys and awards were being reinstated anyway. As long as they're happy with their win, I guess its a good thing. To me the turkey wasn't worth walking over to the trailer to pick up, much less fight for. Come to think of it, the years of service awards weren't worth doo doo either. Made a good re-gift as long as you picked one with no logo....
  5. Monkey Butt

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    Which is, as we were told, why they were being discontinued.
    All everybody on here did was complain and say how they were not interested in them ... until they were taken away. Funny how that works.
  6. pickup

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    I like turkeys.
  7. soberups

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    I never felt that it was appropriate to develop a sense of entitlement towards a gift or anything else that was not contractually agreed upon.
  8. brown bomber

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    any driver who achieves a year of safe driving.......let alone drivers who achieve 20+ saving UPS thousands individually.......and millions as a collective party......I think a turkey or a set of steak knives is more than warranted
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    Bring back the wallets every odd year so we have something to put all this money in from winning our 9.5 grievences. One of our guys has recieved over $3000.00 to date and the meter is running.
  10. FracusBrown

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    I agree, but they need to get back to reporting accidents. I see hundreds of package cars, trailers and tractors everyday with accident damage on all four sides. Most are being driven by safe driving award drivers. Something doesn't add up.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    and turtles.
    I guess anything that begins with - "tur"
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    The car washers did it.......ummmm yeah......that's right....the carwashers did it!
  13. upsgrunt

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    That could go south real quick.
  14. toonertoo

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  15. brown bomber

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    more than likely, it's the pkg car shifters...i.e. carwash, or swing drivers covering your route......more than one time I've found a complete mirror assembly sitting in my cab when I was about to pull away from my parked spot......was the shifter charged w/ an accident......was the shifter dismissed for not reporting an accident......HELL NO.......let's equal the playing field
  16. soberups

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    UPS doesnt even have a consistent, rational coherent definition of what constitutes an "accident" in the first place. And as long as they continue trying to crowd an excessive number of routes into facilities that are grossly overcrowded, sh$t will happen to the equipment. Thats what brown paint is for.
  17. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    I wont argue that some sort of recognition is warranted; I just think its a mistake to feel entitled to it.

    As long as my paychecks clear, I could care less whether my management team chooses to "recognize" me for anything.
  18. Nimnim

    Nimnim The Nim

    Some of it, yes. I've witnessed them scraping along other package cars and things that you just knew they were going to hit taking an odd route into the building.

    All of it, no. I'm sure drivers try to get away with stuff, and usually they do.

    Also some of it can be attributed to people letting PZ carts roam free or even irreg drivers not paying attention or just because their equipment sucks.

    Concerning the turkeys, I'll admit I miss them, they were nice, but I'm not upset they're gone atm. I'd be much more concerned if they cut my hours back to 3.5.
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    I won't be donating my turkey. I wish I was in a position to. But alas, I am a broke part timer. I gotta eat :D
  20. bigbrownhen

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    The drivers don't get a way with anything. Scrapes and dents happen usually in the building. Tree limbs on route scrape along and on top of the trucks everyday, especially after a storm. Unless you have actually driven a route a few times, I suggest you don't blame the drivers for everything that happens to a truck.

    As for recognition, it is nice to hear "nice job, we apprecialte all you do" once in a while, instead of " you need to pick up the pace". I can deal with it either way though.