Correlation between UPS and Oil companies..

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by ups1990, May 28, 2011.

  1. ups1990

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    Has any noticed that stop counts and gas prices are somewhat alike?
    They are very quick to go up and stay high for a very long time. You might see a gradual decline but at a snail like pace.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The chief difference is oil companies screw entire countries while UPS can only screw one employee at a time.

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    And niether are coming way down soon. And when oil does come down to 3.50 a gallon you think it's a deal now, just like if you work under 9.5, it's like wow, I had a good day lol.
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    I dont think they care about oil prices. They have probaly bought fuel so far into the future that they don"t buy it high.
    I am adding 20 miles a day to my day because of a flaw in the PAS. I tried to point it out on my ride, to which he agreed, but it would have to be manually changed as it is the way PAS was set up, (with no input from us I might add)and it isnt worth their time, to fix it. So for me they just increased my take home, and their fuel cost, and they dont care about either. Stepping over dollars to save dimes.