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    Can someone here tell me the cost of a daily, Monday through Friday pickup? My delivery sup, center manager, division manager, and bd rep did not know. This is something I've always wondered about and nobody in management seems to know.
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    There's no way your management doesn't know. It's their job to know things like this.
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    Almost nobody pays the published rates except really small shippers UPS doesn't care about. How much of the discount the shipper gets varies widely and can probably be negotiated for big shippers. There is no simple answer as to what the effective rates are for everyone.
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    It don't surprise me at all that your management team don't know the answer to this basic question--- yet they demand that you to know word for word the 5 seeing habits and and all the other crap.
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    Starts at $20/week for a standard daily pickup---$10/week for a Smart pickup---and it goes down from there depending upon how much you ship. I would have to think that they waive the daily for our larger shippers.

    I find it hard to believe that none of the people that you mentioned knew this, especially the BD rep.
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    There is published rates, but what a Customer pays vary so much it would be impractical to know what each shipper pays. Also with some customers we keep rates to need to know only. A ctr mgr does not need to know.
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    with volume comes negotiation. Amazon probably pays $0 USD for their many daily pickups.
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    Ha :happy-very: and ups Pays Apple to deliver i boxes
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    Best Option is "Smart Pickup" - $10/Week - This requires customer to use or use a recent version of WorldShip to process pickups

    Daily Pickup - $22 if you spend less than $75 in a week, $11 if you spend more than $75; this went up in 2013 with the Rate Increase

    Daily On-Route - $20 if you spend less than $75, $10 if you spend more than $75; The customer gets picked up with deliveries

    Day Specific - $10 if you spend more than $75 in a week.
    * 1-2 Days - $10
    * 3 Days - $15
    * 4 Days - $20

    The Day specific is a great option for customers that know that they have to have pickups each week on certain days to avoid having to schedule for those days each week.
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    Courier Pickup Charges are not something that FedEx discounts for their ground shippers. On air, when charged, it is not generally discounted, however it is not always charged on a pickup. You can surmise that UPS would not discount something FedEx is not discounting. While your statement might be true for the rate of a package, it's not the case for pickup charges. You are safe remembering the details on the website cited by MoreLuck or referencing my earlier post.
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    Perhaps the bd rep has been too busy studying the eight keys to lifting and lowering a cup of Starbuck's coffee.
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    We have a sales division. They should know this. I'm going to say it's safe to assume BD should have a pretty good grip on this stuff. What the hell does an on-car sup, center manager, or DM have to do with establishing pick-up rates? These are operations managers....not finance or business managers.

    The constant cynicism is nauseating. This thread has nothing to do with what you do, or do not, think your management team is supposed to know.
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    If your mgmnt team wants you to be a salesman and turn in leads, having the knowledge to answer a few basic questions would be helpful. I would think the first question a potential customer would ask would be how much?
  15. LongTimeComing

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    I don't disagree with what you are saying, but you won't ever have enough knowledge on the subject to accurately answer their questions. It's best to just have them call the number that's provided. That's what those people are there for.
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    My head hurts!
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    I wish we could get more accounts to use Smart Pickups. Seems like it should be easy as it's cheapest.. and it's an win for us operationally as it can eliminate many potential pickup stops.

    In my center on routes I cover I can think of many regular daily pickups where actually picking up volume is hit and miss to rare. Assuming they are paying the published rates we are getting $4.40 in revenue for each daily pickup stop. And if we don't get any volume that's ALL we get for that stop. Probably costs us more in time and miles.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have converted two daily pickups over to Smart pickups. It took a while but the tipping point for each was the 50% cost savings. Don't bother putting a sales lead in for this---this is something the consignee needs to initiate as the company has no incentive to help a shipper reduce their costs.

    As a cover driver it is not up to you to pursue this----get with the bid driver and make your suggestion(s) and then let him/her take it from there.
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    I can see why BD would not want to spend time and effort on this since it is not bringing in new revenue. But eliminating many zero peice pickup stops should be a savings so I would think that some part of the operation should actively pursue it.

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    Sure we do! There the ones that promise pick up times without talking to the driver! "Oops, 4:40 pickup"? "Sorry, I'm filling up the truck across town in the business section around then"! "Be ready at 3"...