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    Who are you taking in tomorrow's blockbuster Welterweight fight.
    Cotto is a destroyer- Margarito has a granite chin who can also dish it out. I know there has to be at least one other Boxing fan out there. :happy2:
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    I wouldn't call myself a boxing fan and don't follow the fighters so I can't really debate the abilities of any fight. I do however enjoy watching two good pugilists go at it though. I guess my all time favorite boxer was Sugar Ray Leonard, skillful, quick and smart.
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    My favorite boxer - Mohamid Ali. He is, was, and will forever be, the greatest sportsman I have ever had the honor to watch.

    Hard to beat Sugar Ray, boxer with brains.

    Most indestructable killer boxer, unbeatable? Mike Tyson before Don King, when he was in his late teens/early 20s.
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    I can agree with all you said. Many times I equated Sugar Ray as a miniature Ali.
    To me the key as to the brains department is to see how the men fair after their fighting carrier is over. Ali and Leonard are doing well (except for Ali's health), Tyson is a pauper.

    Short story: The weekend of Holyfield-Tyson II, I was in Vegas (not for the fight), as my friends, my wife and I headed to the restaurant I noticed that the sports book had Tyson as like a 30-1 odd fav for the fight. I told my buddy that IF any man on earth can beat Tyson it is Holyfield and was going to put a hundred on H. My wife said, "You can do it AFTER we go eat" So to keep peace I agreed. I forgot to stop by the sports book after supper and later (while playing blackjack) heard a guy running through the casino yelling " HOLYFIELD WON, HOLYFIELD WON!". That's where the "peace" ended.
    I didn't hear about the bitting till the next day.
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    Saw that fight (Tyson - Holyfield) on HBO I think it was, maybe Showtime. Just unbelievable.

    My home office I have my favorite picture - a photograh of Ali standing over Liston in '64, mouth open, screaming at liston. Signed by Ali.

    Man is my hero.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Tyson in his prime...he was one scary M/F! Ain't no other way to describe him!
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    I believe Robin Givens described him that exact same way.
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    Unbeatable. I remember that at one point, they couldn't sell tickets for his fights anymore - nobody wanted to pay for 20 - 30 second matches.

    I forget who said it - but an opponent once described getting punched by Tyson ; "Take a baseball glove, put it against your face. Then have Reggie Jackson swing a bat at your face as hard as he could."
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    Most of his knockouts were bumbs. Buster Douglas smoked him when he was in his prime. Holyfield was a small heavyweight and he cleaned up on Tyson. Holyfielf and Lewis would have creamed him at any age. Ali would have swelled both his eyes shut about the 13 round. A young Foreman
    would have done the same as he did with Joe Frazier. Tyson was great untill he stepped up competition and in the later rounds he was shot.( Out of gas ) :happy2:
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    I am not a boxing fan, but I have met Holyfield a few times. My first route had a Buick dealership, which was ran by Ken Sanders, his manager. After Holyfield got the title, he bought it. He put all his old buddies in there to run it, I remember this was about the time of a Las Vegas fight. He flew almost everybody out there and rented them tuxes. He is not a good businessman, this dealership went bankrupt in about a year. I also deliver to a man named Ed Davis on my area. He was Holyfield's boxing coach that trained him when he won the Golden Gloves earlier in his career. Holyfield has a giant mansion in Fayetteville, Ga that is in foreclosure now. He had a lot of kids by different women. My little brother has that same problem, its just on a smaller scale.
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    I think BLACKBOX (and I know myself) was talking about YEARS before Buster Douglas came along, like when Tyson was 20-23 years old. Back then, if you put BOTH Holyfield & Douglas in the ring at the same time with Tyson, Tyson still would have them finished in the first round. This is coming from a huge Holyfield fan (Douglas was never anything but big)