Could Obama Face A Democrat Challenger

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    This article from HuffPo about 9 months ago posed that question but since then things have only gotten worse. More and more of the principled left base is either about to jump ship or already has and some began to ask 4 months ago should they shift support to Ron Paul regardless of Paul's other warts. Just over 2 weeks ago, the respected left/progressive John V. Walsh raised the name of Ron Paul with the question of whether or not to abandon Obama. Today I see this and ask how bad it gets before the talk of a challenger among democrats becomes serious?

    Granted, a single job report, good day at the stock market or some other good economic news can turn everything on a dime for the President and in the case of Paul, one word that scares left/progressives while they sip a little tea for taste, and they all run home a lot quicker than they came over. Way to early to tell but based on trends and current patterns, if Obama's not worried then I'd say he's either resigned to go home in Jan. 2013' or he's prepared to pull an executive order trigger no one ever thought possible.
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    Afraid not Hotshot!

    From Black Agenda Report:

    Barack's Satan Sandwich Only The First Course: Will We Re-Hire the Chef in 2012 Anyway?

    Obama Slipping: Black America Waking Up - To the Nightmare

    And the question of whether African American voters would abandon Obama started getting asked in the African American Press almost a year ago.

    As was once said, "the chickens are coming home to roost!"
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    I don't know.....I hear Roseanne is running and she's a businesswoman now.........that's experience Obama has never had. Roseanne's got nuts!
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    Oh and there's more.

    What about Counterpunch:

    The Economics of Barack O'Hoover

    The Divided Left

    And starting in Oct. Obama will begin to face an onslaught not from right wing nuts but from the very left/progressive base who created the wave he rode into office in 2008'. Here's just a small sample for Cartoonist Ted Rall.

    And in case you think Ted is some lone voice, think again as some of the most principled voices in the American Left will be there with Ted.

    This are voices from the progressive left and it's only a drop in the bucket. Not one is from a tea party or what you like to call a wingnut. While you've been busy looking in the wrong direction a whole other train has been barreling down the tracks and you'd better jump on board or get off the tracks as this monster is growing and is going to roll you over!