Couldn't Get to Work this Morning (TEXAS...)

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    Got up and was out the door ready to go to work this morning for the preload shift that started at 5am. But low and behold it was a winter wonderland when I opened the door. I live in East Texas and we haven't had snow like this in the 22 years I've been here. I heard Dallas had it pretty bad with power outages and what not. I was able to make snowballs, a snow man, and a snow angel during the time I usually spend tossing packages on a car.

    The people at work that did have trucks made it to the preload shift (half the people of the entire shift) only to work until the power went out for an hour an a half my friend told me.

    Granted the snow turned to slush by about 3 o clock this afternoon, but still a fun snow day for Texas, hopefully another before Feb. is over!

    Now I have a little taste of what Northerners feel like everyday in the winter months lol!
  2. upssup

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    Lived in Texas for 5 years funny how people freak out there over the snow.
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    it was pretty crazy in DFW. people freak out here because we dont have the proper equipment to deal with it. only after there are hundreds of accidents, do they sand the roads
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    I deliver in East Texas. Today was only the second time that I did not work due to weather.
    The roads started freezing over about 8 o'clock last night.
    It was a wet snow-(about 5 inches)- that collected on the pinetrees and broke many trees and alot of limbs that blocked roads and took down powerlines.
    Our center was still out of power at noon.
    My route is mostly rolling hills, forest and creeks.
    No way a UPS car should have been on the back roads.

  5. outta hours

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    winter 2010-1.jpgwinter 2010.jpg

    15 inches here in DFW. Most snow ever in a 24 hr period. We usually get only 2-3 inches of snow per year.
    winter 2010.jpgwinter 2010-1.jpg

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    My route is mostly rolling hills, forest and creeks.
    No way a UPS car should have been on the back roads.


    I wish I could tell that to my sup, but Here in the northeast, they tell us that we are paid to be professional drivers, so act that way, and don't get in a accident or stuck. Now go del your 10 hr plan day rte. O yeah my sup also said that we should have no problems, because down south, they are doing very good with no accidents or stuck pkg cars and they aren't nearly as custom to snow as we are. I felt like telling him its because all the profnassiol drivers are sitting at home.

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    I hate to tell you, but that does not look like 15" of snow, more like 5" at the most.
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    Welcome to New England:happy2:
  9. outta hours

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    Pics were from yesterday when it started, not today when it finished. Thanks for the guesstimate though.

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    That’s crazy how much snow you got, I heard on the news today, that by the end of the day all 50 states will have snow, so much for global warming, o wait "climate change".
  11. Jones

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    49 states. I guarantee it won't snow in Waikiki :)

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    That is true
  13. rod

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    yes it does snow in Hawaii

  14. DS

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    last year we had snow almost every day from november to february,this year almost none,I have to laugh when you get a taste of just goes to show that somewhere out there there is a god:wink2:
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    The pictures do not look like 10-15" of snow because many of the surfaces the snow falls onto are above 32 degrees, thus melting and compacting. Also sublimation is an issue.

    When the co-op spotters or official obs from DFW report 12" of snow, that 12" of snow is measured every 6 hours on a white 4x4 piece of fiberglass or fiberboard. This ensures rthe most accurate and unbiased measurements. If you measure every hour, compaction and sublimation are not involved so much and you end up with an inflated total.

    If you measure on black asphalt, similarly you end up with biased measurements ( as in the 4" you see in some of the pictures), as the snow compacts and melts quickly with the surface /ground temperature of that dark surface above 32 degrees -the mid-feb laser sun angle in the south, which incidently melts the fallen snow THROUGH the clouds, helps this process.

    However, as you can see by the pictures, there are areas the snow stacked up very well , mostly likely on the grass, trees, overpasses, and vehicles.
  16. trplnkl

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    Thank you, Sleeve_meet_the science guy, for that explanation. clap.gif
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Hawaii does not have any snow.
  18. Mike57

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    Believe it or not there is a mountain somewhere in Hawaii that gets snow ,mind you just on the montain top..
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Right and they were searching it to see if there was any but could not find any so we are at 49 out of 50.

    The only snow in my front yard here in Upstate NY is where the snow plow pushed it back in early January and that is slowly melting away.
  20. scratch

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    Thats one of the volcanoes on the big island of Hawaii.