Couple of Opinions on Market Conditions

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    About General Motors

    Robert Higgs on commerical paper. This was interesting and his facts suggest good news and not bad for the market. And I'm sure you might ask the same question he does at the end. Why? Could the answer be found in Establishment Messiah? :wink2: Who stood and carried Wall Street water when Bush pushed the panic button? Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer, OBAMA! :surprised: Why would these protectors of the down trodden, the poor, the disenfranchised all of a sudden become the cheerleaders for those who caused the down trodding, caused the poor, caused the disenfranchising? The cartoon below sez what is really the face of Wall Street and Central banking interests and they work to hold together the system they really built.

    Dr. Higgs has Phd. in Economics from John Hopkins and is visiting scholar at both Oxford and Stanford. In 2006' was visiting professor at the University of Economics in Prague. He is currently senior fellow on Political Economics at the Independent Institute, scholar at the Cato Institute and faculty member at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. Yeah, he's another Austrian guy!

    Audit the Fed and end legal tender laws!
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    And now we are seeing stuff like this.

    Breaking News from somewhere in the Afterlife:

    You know they said Bush would spend the last 6 months of his term building a legacy but I'm not sure this is what he had in mind!


    I know Tie, I know. Don't ruffle the american flag draped over ya shoulders. Just having a bit of fun because if we don't continue to laugh we just start crying.
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    Will this be the next Black Friday that will be talked about for many years to come by the "anal(|)ysts"?