Couple of Questions for First Peak:

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    Hey, I have been working as a pt preloader for the past few months and I just had a couple of questions:

    1) Should I sign up to be a driver's helper? Is it worth it, and what does it entail?


    2) I've been coming in early this week, but the time clock still only has me starting at 4am everyday. My pt Sup said he'd take care of it, but I'm still not seeing anything. If he went in and changed my previous start times, will the hours show up on my time clock? Should I be worried about this, and what should I do?
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    Driver helpers can work their tails off but it is extra money. It also gives you a little idea of what the driver's job is all about. I say little because the last two to three weeks, the volume and workload for helper teams are a nightmare.

    As for your payroll. Ask to see either the payroll print out or view the screen that shows your hours. The supervisor should be adjusting the start time right after you finish work. If it is not adjusted prior to the start of your next work shift than you need to get the full time supervisor involved and maybe your shop steward.

    DO NOT take his word that it will get fixed. Correct hours should be reflected that day on the payroll. If it is not reflected, it is considered time card manipulation and is a very serious offense. Don't make accusations without getting the next level supervisor involved.
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    To the OP---were you told to report earlier than your start time or did you just show up early?
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    Drivers Helper is a dead end into getting a UPS PT job after peak. 99% of you are gone after Christmas. You should get a PT seasonal help sorting or preloading in a hub. Make your bones and impress sups. Maybe, they will keep you and than you can get on the track for bennies and pension as PTer. After 14 years maybe your bid can get you could go FT. In my local, 6 months for bennies and 5 years for pension for PTer. It is a long road of pain to get a golden nugget at UPS. Most of the posters here, climbed the ladder and know the ropes. They have my respect.
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    Are you past your probationary period and are now a union member? Are you talking about being a driver helper in addition to being a preloader or instead of being a preloader?

    If it is instead of, probably a bad idea since you will be gone on Dec. 26. If it is in addition to, then, hey extra money as long as you have the stamina to do both jobs.

    With regard to your time card problems. UNLESS your supervisor INSTRUCTED you to come in early and start working, you are SOL. If he DID so instruct you, follow the advice the guys gave above about watching him change your start time. That stuff does NOT happen automatically, and must be properly authorized to override the computer.
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