Couple of quick questions *DRIVER HELPER*

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    I trust that by now most of the regulars have had enough with the rookie Driver Helpers and our newbie questions. For that I apologize, but I guess we're just trying to get all of the information we can before jumping aboard.

    I'm pretty much in the same boat as the other Helpers. Went in for the job introduction and interview two weeks ago and start this coming week. Got a call from HR this morning and was told to come in Monday morning for orientation. I was told to wear brown or black work shoes/boots as I "might be going out" following the orientation.

    I just have a couple of real quick questions -

    1. Was told just to wear the work shoes and would receive my uniform. Now, will pants be included? The HR rep didn't make any mention of what kind of pants I should wear, so I'm not too sure here.

    2. Is learning how to use the DIAD pretty much common sense stuff or is it a tedious, aggravating experience?

    3. Not really a big deal, but I'm just wondering if I'd be able to request some kind of hat with my uniform, particularly a knit cap? If not, no big deal. I'd just like to keep my head and especially my ears warm during the frigid Virginia Beach winter. Okay, well maybe not frigid...but it can get pretty cold :tongue_sm

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I'm definitely looking forward to this experience.
  2. Ground_Hub_Angel

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    Okay i know this much that does include shorts or pants, or maybe even both but i do know that that includes pants.

    Im not sure yet what diad is. Unless ur talking about the scanner/wireless signing machine thingy. I dont know how to describe it, whatever. I doubt its that hard but then again not sure i havent started helping the drivers yet i start on monday.

    And im sure u could get a beanie or a specific ups hat that u could use, but im not ur supervisor or ur coordinator so just to make sure if i was you i would make sure with your supervisor first because im not sure of the exact uniform choices that u have.

    Hope this helped you. :tongue_sm
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    You will get pants and a shirt. Don't know about a jacket. I'm in So California and the helpers don't get jackets, but its alot warmer here. If you don't find out about getting a jacket bring a black or dark colored sweatshirt or jacket with you. Where comfortable shoes and not hard bottom loafers or dress shoes. The driver will most likely do most of the diad work. Maybe let you play around with it at first to see if you get the general concept of scanning and getting to the signature/driver release screen. If you get it the driver will have you use the diad more. You probably wont get a hat or beanie so bring a dark colored one with you and see if the driver thinks its ok. It probably will be. Same with the jacket.
  4. over9five

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    You'll get pants, shirt, and helper jacket.

    If they don't provide a knit hat, PLEASE BRING ONE!!! No one wants you to freeze!
  5. Keepingthemhonest

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    I got pants and a pullover(no shirt), then you can choose a nitcap or a baseball cap like the ones you wore during tee-ball...I wear a spare set my driver has though....the stuff they issue you make you look like a dweb and I want to look like a driver, even if it takes another 12 years until I attain senority to become one
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    You'll get pants, in order for you to wear shorts, you gotta have those nifty brown socks and at about 6 bucks a pair you won't bother with shorts.

    No hat, no jacket. "Run dude, you'll get warm"

    I prefer my helpers to wear dress shoes -- wingtips if you got 'em. Check out u-tube for some of my tapes of the falls my helper last year had trying to run across wet grass with a couple of dell boxes in wingtips -- good stuff.
  7. dodptsup

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    At my center, the helpers get a pair of pants, a pull over and a knit or ball cap, usually the knit one, cuz it's cold here in December. Every now and then I'll here a driver tell about a helper that shows up in sneakers, even though its often below 25 degrees, with 6 or more inches of snow in December. Just goes to show ya how bright some of the people they hire are. I'm a local sort sup, and almost every year the peak help they hire for my sort, quits after the first day or 2. They have no idea what they are getting in to, and cant handle the work. H.R. knows how to pick em
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    uh, i was told i would get a shirt, pants and a jacket. all i got was a mens large jacket. i look ridiculous: woman swimming in huge jacket, wearing jeans and my running shoes. hey, if this is how ups wants me to look it's not my problem...

    what did you get?

    ms. piggie
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    Ahh, driver's helper. This really is a great time of year. Its so comical to see the rif-raf UPS dredges up every year at this time. I'm sure everyone of us has our funny stories to tell. I had this woman one year, late 30's early 40's. Now, I live in the city and this woman was a hick from French Lick if you know what I mean. I have to say she was a decent helper. Anyway, we're out in house call land and it would have burned at least 20 minutes to take her to a bathroom and she understood this. So she suggested "A large tree will do". :confused:1 A minute later we passed a new house construction that had a port-o-john on the front lawn. I didn't even notice. All I hear her say was "Ooh-ooh right there, stop!" :lol: To this day I laugh when I think of that year. Have to hand it to her though, I would never sit down in one of those things!:crying:
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    ask HR to order your size of pants.